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Poster Session: Fire and Ice: Europa and Io Geology and Composition

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Davies A. G.* Perry J. Williams D. A. Nelson D.
Modelling Io’s Polar Volcanic Thermal Emission Using Juno JIRAM Data [#2544]
We examined Juno JIRAM data from 2017-2022 and identify 248 volcanic sources with which we investigate volcanic thermal emission in Io’s polar regions.
Seeger C. H.* de Kleer K.
A Search for Influences of Tidal Stresses on Surface Feature Formation on Io [#2970]
Elongate mountains and paterae on Io have orientations on the surface that may correlate with modeled tidal stress directions.
Howell S. M.* Leonard E. J. Wyrick D. Y.
Enceladus — So Hot Right Now: Erupted Vapor Contributions to Observed Thermal Anomalies at the South Polar Terrains [#2942]
Vapor billows high / Heat flows through polar landscapes / Geysers, what's your key?
Leonard E. J.* Howell S. M. Wyrick D. Y. Cottrell M.
Plumbing an Icy Volcano: Constraining the Subsurface Behavior of Enceladus's Plume [#2036]
Enceladus plume / Is it sourced from the ocean? / Let’s constrain plumbing.
Leonard E. J.* Collins G. C. Hansen C. J. Schenk P. M. Keane J. T. et al.
New Geological Insights from the JunoCam Images of Europa [#2062]
Europa’s surface / Revealed in Juno flyby / Now mapped in detail.
Hansen C. J.* Ravine M. Schenk P. Collins G. C. Leonard E. et al.
JunoCam Images of Europa [#2708]
After two decades new images of Europa from Juno’s JunoCam.
Schenk P.* Collins G. C. Hansen C. J. Keane J. T. Leonard E. J. et al.
New Cartographic and Topographic Insights of Europa from New Junocam Images [#2580]
Jealous of Europa, Juno spies her up close; some truths revealed but Europa guards her secrets fiercely; pits abound (TPW?) but Europa does not change much.
Collins G. C.* Schenk P. M. Leonard E. J. Hansen C. J. Keane J. T. et al.
de Dios-Cubillas A.* López I. Prieto-Ballesteros O.
Chaos Terrains Development: Initial Results from Patterns at Different Scale [#1133]
Chaos terrains were mapped, analysed and classified by their geomorphological pattern into four facies typologies according to the disruption-melting gradient.
Nuñez K. A.* Montési L. G. J. Howell S. M.
Orientation of Different Types of Lenticulae on Europa [#2615]
Some lenticulae / In roses contain patterns / possibly evolved.
Van Auken R. B.* Kattenhorn S. A.
Ice Shell Disaggregation and Micro-Plate Motion Related to Regional Shearing in Argadnel Regio, Europa [#1722]
Characterization of deformation features through mapping and surface reconstructions that constrains the motions of the ice shell in Argadnel Regio, Europa.
Cartwright R. J.* de Kleer K. Schmidt C. A. Villanueva G. L. Beddingfield C. B. et al.
Investigating the Nature and Origin of Hydrated Salts on Europa [#2215]
We are measuring the spectral signature of non-ice species on Europa using ground-based telescopes and JWST.
Raut U.* Teolis B. D. Mamo B. D. Tucker O. J. Becker T. M. et al.
Radiation Darkening of Europa's Cryoplume Fallouts [#2299]
Investigation into radiation-induced darkening of cryoplume fallouts by magnetospheric charged particles at Europa.
Scully J. E. C.* Leonard E. L. Cameron M. E. Phillips C. B. Lethcoe H. A.
The Detailed Geologic History of Europa's Pwyll and Manannán Impact Craters [#2352]
Some craters are strange / For insights on Europa / Let’s map in detail!