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Poster Session: Mars, Cold as Ice: The Martian Cryosphere

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

McGlasson R. A.* Bramson A. M. Sori M. M. Lalich D. E.
Putzig N. E.* Seu R. Morgan G. A. Smith I. B. Campbell B. A. et al.
Science Results from Sixteen Years of MRO SHARAD Operations [#2901]
Sixteen years of MRO SHARAD data have yielded a wealth of information about the surface and interior properties across Mars, from polar to equatorial regions.
Jawin E. R.* Campbell B. A.
SHARAD Multiband Analysis of Radar Surface Reflectivity in the Martian Polar Layered Deposits [#1536]
SHARAD multiband data reveal differences in the near-surface structure and reflectivity of the martian polar layered deposits.
Braeley A.* Whitten J. W.
An Analysis of Frequency-Dependent Radar Characteristics in SHARAD Data [#3014]
This work is an analysis of frequency-dependent radar characteristics.
Bourget A. B.* Daly M. D. Prem P. Blewett D. T.
Optical Polarization Studies of Suspended Beads in Aqueous Solution: An Analog for Radar Scattering in Icy Regoliths [#2823]
We present low-phase-angle polarimetric measurements of planetary icy regolith analogs to understand the direct backscatter conditions in icy regolith.
Golovin D. V.* Mitrofanov I. M. Sanin A. B. Litvak M. L. Djachkova M. V. et al.
Boundaries of Martian Permafrost at North and South Hemisphere, as Seen by FREND Neutron Telescope [#1986]
The boundaries of martian permafrost at north and south hemisphere by FREND neutron telescope data are presented.
Cartwright S. F. A.* García-Cajiao J. Landis M. E. Whitten J. L.
Interpreting Thermal Property Variations in the South Polar Layered Deposits, Mars [#2452]
Wisps both dim and fair / Paint strokes on frigid land and / Regale tricky tales.
Hansen C. J.* Aye K.-M. Portyankina G. Schwamb M. Michaels T. et al.
A Nine Year Record of Interannual Variability of Seasonal Activity in Mars' South Polar Region Dubbed "Manhattan" [#2315]
Mars’ dust storms affect spring seasonal processes but only if they occur at the right time.
Smith I. B.*
A Hypothesis as to Why the Polar Layered Deposits of Mars Do Not Flow [#2969]
I will discuss the >50-year debate around flowing polar layered deposits on Mars and provide a novel hypothesis as to why we see no evidence of flow.
Lange L.* Forget F. Grau Galfore A. Vandemeulebrouck R. Millour E.
Formation of CO2 Glaciers on Mars During Low Obliquity Periods [#1655]
We simulate here the effect of an obliquity descent on the martian climate. The formation of massive CO2 glaciers on high-latitude slopes is studied.
Widmer J. M.* Diniega S. Hayne P. O.
A Global Look at Martian CO2 Snowfall Using Observations from the Mars Climate Sounder [#2262]
A new, global look at snowfall in the mid-latitudes of Mars that explores the asymmetry of seasonal cap activity between hemispheres.
Soare R.-J.*
Buried (Tabular) Massive-Ice and Possible Periglacial Overburdens on Mars [#1102]
The overburden of some mid-latitude icy scarp-face exposures on Mars could have formed under more temperate boundary conditions than the underlying ice.
Lee P.* Shubham S. Schutt J. W.
A Relict Glacier Near Mars' Equator: Evidence for Recent Glaciation and Volcanism in Eastern Noctis Labyrinthus [#2998]
A light-toned deposit in Noctis Labyrinthus shows morphology of a glacier, implying recent equatorial glaciation, volcanism, and volcano-ice interaction on Mars.
Hibbard S. M.* Chartrand S. Eschenfelder J. Knightly P. Kukko A. et al.
Rangarajan V. G.* Osinski G. R. Godin E. Tornabene L. L.
Identification of Periglacial Features near Gully Alcoves at the Haughton Impact Structure: Role of Ground-Ice Melting in Gully Evolution [#1499]
Ground ice contributes to gully evolution on Earth — could this be the same for Mars too?
Baker D. M. H.* Whelley P. L. Richardon J. A. Matiella Novak A.
Mars-Analog Radar Investigation of Tephra and Buried Ice in the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, Katmai National Park, Alaska [#2837]
We test radar techniques for martian subsurface ice characterization at an analog site in the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, Katmai National Park, Alaska.