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Poster Session: Martian Aeolian Processes

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Kim L. D.* Lewis K. W.
Mapping Ventifact Orientations as Wind Indicators with the Curiosity Rover at Gale Crater, Mars [#2733]
Using data from the Curiosity rover, we mapped ventifacts on Mars that indicated the presence of winds originating in the northeast within Gale Crater.
Kozakiewicz J.* Dluzewski M. Rotnicka-Dluzewska J. Sobucki M. Michaels T. et al.
Typology of Coarse-Grained Ripples on Meridiani Planum, Mars [#1616]
A developed classification of aeolian ripples on Mars based on three factors: the size of ripples, the ripple sand PSD, and the ripple formation context.
Widmer J. M.* Day M.
Martian Rover Track Monitoring — A Helpful Tool to Understand Aeolian Activity [#1272]
MER track duration / Across different terrains / Tells windy story.
Bohacek E. V.* Barrett A. M. Favaro E. A. Balme M. R. Sefton-Nash E. et al.
Automated Aeolian Bedform Orientation Measurements in HiRISE Images — Determining Wind Regimes on Mars [#2966]
Sand organises / Itself into ripples when / Wind blows fast enough.
Barrett A. M.* Favaro E. A. Balme M. R.
Detecting and Measuring Transverse Aeolian Ridges (TARs) on Mars Using Deep Learning [#1534]
We train a supervised deep learning system to segment transverse aeolian ridges on Mars and automate the computation of formative wind direction statistics.
Silvestro S.* Chojnacki M. Vaz D. A. Botteon A.
Characterizing the Mobility of Megaripples on Mars [#1582]
Moving and static megaripples (MRs) are found together in McLaughlin and Ganges. Fluxes for MRs and dunes are computed and topographic effects are evaluated.
Martin D. N.* Ewing R. C. Young B. W. Bishop M. P. Soto A. et al.
Classification of the Aeolian Sedimentary Systems at Herschel Crater, Mars [#2836]
Using a grid overlain on CTX images we classified aeolian features across Herschel crater to explore the primary controls on type and distribution of sediment.
Ju M.* Seelos K. D.
Effect of Wind Regime on Geomorphology of Russell Crater Floor on Mars [#2681]
Russell dust and dunes / In opposite directions / An old wind regime?