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Poster Session: Petrology and Geochemistry of Martian Meteorites: Crust, Mantle, and Volatiles

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Tan X.* Karunatillake S. Susko D. Rani A. Haviland H. F. et al.
pMELTS Modeling of yhe Elysium Volcanic Province [#1886]
This work uses pMELTS to model the magmatic processes of the Elysium volcanicprovince featuring Middle Amazonian- to Late Hesperian-aged regions.
Balta J. B.* Holycross M. E. Garcia G.
Assessing the Accuracy of Thermodynamic Modeling Software for Martian Magmatism [#2757]
We characterize the accuracy of the pMELTS algorithm when applied to martian melting calculations and trace the origin of several calculation misfits.
Chatterjee A. P.* Huber C. Bachmann O.
Controls on the Potential Occurrence of Growing, Eruptible Martian Crustal Magma Chambers [#1231]
Thermo-mechanical modeling of Late-Amazonian martian crustal magma chambers reveal ~20 km (2 kbar) to be the depth where they might simultaneously erupt and grow.
Payré V.* Seales J.
Evolution of the Water Concentration in the Martian Mantle and Its Thermal History: Impacts on Magma Genesis [#2593]
Based on Mars’ thermal history, we present the evolution of water concentration in the martian mantle through time and its impacts on Mars magma genesis.
Mugica V.* Sheikh D.
Petrography and Geochemistry of Northwest Africa (NWA) 15497, a Newly Classified Basaltic Shergottite [#2209]
NWA 15497 is a newly classified basaltic shergottite. In this presentation we review its general petrography, mineral chemistry and petrogenesis.
Mikouchi T.* Sato T. Yamazaki S. Takenouchi A. Shirai N. et al.
Sulfur-Rich Shock Vein in 2.4 Ga Basaltic Martian Meteorite Northwest Africa 8159: Remnant of Martian Soil Component? [#1962]
The NWA 8159 martian meteorite contains S-rich shock veins that possibly incorporated exogenic sulfate minerals since Fe sulfide is nearly absent in this meteorite.
De Angelis S.* La Francesca E. Manzari P. Ferrari M. De Sanctis M. C. et al.
VIS-IR Imaging Spectroscopy of Martian Meteorites [#1953]
We present an imaging spectroscopic study in the VIS-IR of an ensemble of martian meteorites.
Coloma L. Aramendia J. Poblacion I. Huidobro J. Madariaga J. M.* et al.
Distribution of Iron and Titanium Oxides in the Miller Range MIL 090030 Martian Meteorite Using Micro-Raman Image and SEM/EDS [#2350]
Distribution of three minerals — ilmenite, titanomagnetita, and magnetite — in the squeleton-like forms in MIL 090030 martian nakhlite by spectroscopic imaging.
Hernández Montenegro J. D.* Kizovski T. V. Li A. Y. Labrie J. Liu Y. et al.
The Petrogenesis of Quartier: An Evolved Olivine Cumulate Rock in the Séitah Formation [#2324]
We investigate the chemistry, textures, and crystallization temperatures for Quartier, an evolved olivine cumulate in the Seítah formation, Jezero Crater, Mars.
Nosarzerski J.* Kah L. C. Udry A. Herd C.
Size Frequency Analysis of Olivine-Rich Igneous and Sedimentary Materials [#2999]
Grain size distributions to distinguish between igneous and sedimentary planetary materials.