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Poster Session: Continued Exploration of the Jezero Crater Delta Front

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Castro K. Arana G.* Población I. Clegg S. M. Gibbons E. F. et al.
Principal Component Analysis on the Supercam-LIBS Spectra of Rock Targets in the First 640 Sols in Jezero Crater [#2348]
Principal component analysis was carried out with Supercam-LIBS spectra measured on rock targets in the first 640 sols in different formations of Jezero Crater.
Brown A. J.* Wiens R. C. Pinet P. Liu Y. Cloutis E. et al.
Properties of the Nili Fossae Olivine-Clay-Carbonate Lithology [#1801]
We analyzed SuperCam in situ data at Seitah and compared it to CRISM data of the olivine-clay-carbonate lithology. We suggest a lava lake emplaced the unit.
Moreland E. L.* Siebach K. S. Costin G. Jiang Y. Tice M. et al.
Crystal Chemistry of Primary and Secondary Minerals in the Jezero Crater Floor [#2196]
We report stoichiometric identification of primary and secondary minerals in the Jezero crater floor using PIXL analyses and the MIST online Mineral ID tool.
Ruff S. W.* Brand B. D. Rogers A. D.
Overlooked Evidence for Ignimbrite Deposits in Gusev and Jezero Craters, Mars [#1765]
Evidence for devitrification and fiamme in Wishstone-Watchtower rocks in Gusev and key geomorphic features on Jezero crater floor suggest ignimbrite deposits.
Kelly E. M.* Acosta T. Lopez-reyes G. Egan M. J. Angel S. M. et al.
Fiber-Induced Raman Signal (FIRS) Analysis from the Perseverance Rover of the Jezero Crater Floor [#1786]
This study analyzes the difference in the albedos of the Mars target from the SuperCam Raman spectra to make inferences about the geochemistry in Jezero.
Connell S. A.* Wiens R. C. Cardarelli E. L. Deen R. Mandon L. et al.
Analysis of Co-Located SuperCam and SHERLOC Observations on Abrasion Patches in Jezero Crater [#1826]
Analysis of abrasions in Jezero Crater, exhibiting co-located SuperCam and SHERLOC observations with overlapping spectral points shown in co-registered images.
Barrington M. N.* Rice M. Tate C. Hayes A. G. Eng A. et al.
Interpreting Mastcam-Z Spectra of Jezero Crater Using Mastcam-Z Analog Spectral Imager [#2367]
Using Mastcam-Z Analog Spectral Imager (MASI), we analyze spectra of weathered igneous analog sites to better interpret the mineralogy of Jezero’s crater floor.
Johnson J. R.* Wiens R. C. Cloutis E. Mandon L. Maurice S. et al.
Ferric Sulfates at the Jezero Crater Delta Front as Evidenced by SuperCam 433 nm Absorptions [#1385]
Mars2020 SuperCam VIS spectra of light-toned rocks at the delta front in Jezero crater exhibited ~433 nm spectral absorptions due to Fe3+ in ferric sulfates.
Jones M. W. M.* Flannery D. A. Orenstein B. J. Hurowitz J. A. Catling D. C. et al.
Crystallography on Mars: Identification of Crystalline Anhydrite as a Secondary Mineral Filling Cavities and Veinlets in the Western Jezero Delta Front [#3006]
We obtain in-situ crystallographic orientation information for the first time on Mars using energy dispersive diffraction data collected with PIXL.
Royer C.* Poulet F. Wiens R. C. Mandon L. Fouchet T. et al.
Jezero Delta Mineralogical Diversity Revealed by SuperCam Infrared Spectral Modeling [#1372]
We present the results of IR spectral modeling applied to SuperCam/Mars2020 data to study the mineralogical diversity of Jezero’s Delta Front.
Kodikara G. R. L.* McHenry L. J.
An Assessment of Duration of Aqueous Activity and Formation of Secondary Minerals at Jezero Crater, Mars Using Thermodynamic-Kinetic Models [#1141]
We model the aqueous alteration at Jezero crater under surface temperature (25°C) and hydrothermal (150°C) conditions using thermodynamic-kinetic models.
Morris M. M.* Hurowitz J. A. Henkes G. A.
Experimental Constraints on the Precipitation of Fe-Mg Carbonates in Jezero Crater, Mars [#1590]
Jezero Crater has revealed low temperature Fe-Mg carbonates. This study experimentally explores Mg- incorporation in siderite to constrain martian conditions.
Hausrath E. M.* Sullivan R. Goreva Y. Zorzano M. P. Cardarelli E. et al.
The First Regolith Samples from Mars [#2379]
Regolith samples from Jezero crater contain coarse and fine grains, atmospheric dust, and evidence consistent with aqueously altered phases and organics.
Cousin A.* Beyssac O. Forni O. Meslin P. Y. Martin N. et al.
Soil Diversity on Mars: Comparison Between Gale and Jezero Craters [#1349]
SuperCam data on regolith: grain size — relationships between grain size and composition — local vs. global cp — homogeneity of fine-grained soils across Mars.
Clavé E.* Beyssac O. Lopez-Reyes G. Ollila A. Fornaro T. et al.
Interpreting the Continuum Signal in the Raman Spectra Acquired with SuperCam in Jezero Crater, Mars [#1898]
Broad band emission / From fine grains, defects or life? / SuperCam will tell.
Sharma S. K.* Olilla A. M. Lopez-Reyes G. Madariaga J. M. Angel S. M. et al.
Performance of SuperCam’s Remote Raman System at Jezero Crater, Mars [#1891]
Performance of the SuperCam’s remote Raman system at Jezero crater is evaluated on Mars.
Zastrow A. M.* Ollila A. M. Clegg S. M. Dehouck E. Gibbons E. et al.
Unsupervised Classification of Mars 2020 SuperCam VISIR Spectra [#2645]
VISIR spectra / In Jezero vary most / By dust, olivine.
Acosta-Maeda T. E.* Kelly E. M. Comellas J. Sharma S. K. Lopez-Reyes G. et al.
Analysis of Mars Olivines with the Raman Spectrometer in the Perseverance Rover SuperCam Instrument [#2689]
The SuperCam Raman instrument has measured olivine in the Seitah formation, Jezero crater, Mars. We analyzed the limited data for chemical information.
Cloutis E. A.* Sidhu S. Applin D. M. Wiens R. C. Gasda P. et al.
Heated Kaolinite/Halloysite in the Barrier Range Cobble, Jezero Crater, Mars? [#2155]
Heated kaolinite and halloysite match many spectral features seen in Perseverance SuperCam spectra of the Barrier Range cobble.