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Poster Session: In, On, and Around Jezero

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Ciancolo O.* Kah L. C.
Williams N. R.* Maki J. N. Culver A. Ruoff N. Lambert M. et al.
Surface Observations from Mars 2020 EDLCAM Cameras and Microphone [#2604]
EDLCAM lives! / One Mars year on the surface / Just watch and listen.
Martin N. D.* Chide B. Sheridan A. Cousin A. Hausrath E. et al.
Acoustics and LIBS Profiling of Soils at Jezero Crater, Mars [#1521]
We use the sound of the SuperCam LIBS impacts on soils to investigate the grain size and the surface properties (compaction, crust, etc.).
Chide B.* Tirona I. Yearicks S. Beyssac O. Lanza N. L. et al.
Listening to Hard Rock (and Softer Ones) at Jezero Crater, Mars [#1136]
We use the laser-induced acoustic signal from the SuperCam microphone and the drill data from Perseverance to estimate rock hardness at Jezero crater.
Tate C. D.* Hayes A. H. Kanine O. A. Gupta S. Caravaca G. et al.
Stratigraphic Reconstruction and Analysis of the Delta Remnant Kodiak in Jezero Crater, Mars [#2782]
We present the creation and analysis of a detailed model of the Kodiak butte from a combined over 500 sols of imaging from Perseverance.
Caravaca G.* Dromart G. Mangold N. Gupta S. Stack K. M. et al.
The Deltaic Depositional Environments and Stratigraphy of the Kodiak Butte (Jezero Crater, Mars) [#1473]
Here we describe the facies and stratigraphy of the Kodiak Butte, highlighting three successive episodes of deltaic deposition within Jezero crater (Mars).
Williams N. R.* Golombek M. P. Do S. Calef F. Lethcoe H. et al.
Mars Sample Return "Three Forks" Landing and Depot Site Selections [#2618]
Mars sample return / Chose depot and landing sites / Bring the samples home!
Vleugels C. A.* Foing B. H. Swida O.
A Comparison of Mars Orbital Data: Site Context Interpretations in Jezero Crater [#1968]
We investigate the link between different Mars orbital imagers in interpreting site morphology in Jezero Crater with imagers onboard MEx and MRO.
Russo F. P.* Trussell A. Brooks C. L. Williams N. R. Golombek M. P. et al.
Mapping Rock Heights for the Mars Sample Return Landing Site and Depot Sites in Three Forks, Jezero Crater [#2631]
The Mars sample return campaign has been mapping and analyzing rock heights in Jezero Crater for the retrieval of the 2020 Perseverance rover samples.
Wogsland B. V.* Kah L. C. Calef F. J. Horgan B. H. N.
Source to Sink Analysis of the Jezero Crater Western Delta Watershed [#3024]
Looking at the Jezero delta from the perspective of the watershed.
Kathir B. S.* Rice M. S. Horgan B. Garczynski B. Duflot L. E.
Investigating the Origin of Boulders in the Jezero Delta Using Multispectral Observations of Float Rocks [#2442]
We find that conglomerate, layered, and massive float rocks at the lower Jezero delta may have eroded from adjacent strata and/or the delta top.
Kronyak R. E. Stack K. M.* Sholes S. F. Sun V. Z. Gupta S. et al.
Geomorphology and Relative Ages of Channel Belt Deposits in Jezero's Western Delta [#2067]
Within the blocky deposits of Jezero crater’s western delta, 24 unique channel belt deposits were mapped and relative ages inferred.
Tebolt M.* Stack K. M. Goudge T. A. Gupta S. Barnes R. et al.
Characterizing the Facies and Stratigraphy of the Enchanted Lake Outcrop in Jezero Crater, Mars [#2647]
We identified the facies within the Enchanted Lake sedimentary succession and interpreted the paleoenvironment.
Maki J. N.* Farley K. Stack K. Calef F. Williams N. et al.
The Mars 2020 Three Forks Sample Depot [#2875]
Mars 2020 Three Forks Sample Depot description.