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Small Bodies: Laboratory Analyses, Experiments, and Modeling

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 2:15 PM
Waterway Ballroom 6

Monica Grady
Zachary Torrano
Tim Glotch
2:15 PM
Session Introduction
2:20 PM
Rüsch O.* Patzek M.
Intense Fracturing but No Flaking on CM-Like Asteroids Due to Thermal Fatigue — Implications for Bennu [#1992]
More than 2000 hours of thermal cycling on meteorites performed in the lab reveal which, and how, meteorites crack and flake.
2:30 PM
Durda D. D.*
Impact Experiments into Bennu- and Ryugu-Like Regolith Simmulants I: Boulder Fracture Progression [#1170]
Laboratory impact experiments into blocks and coarse regolith simulant for interpretation of observed boulder and impact crater morphologies on Bennu and Ryugu.
2:40 PM
Ciceri F.* Hildebrand A. R. Hanton L. T. J.
Mechanical and Elastic Properties of Chondrite Litholgies [#2967]
Static mechanical and elastic properties of meteorite lithologies show significant variation reflecting their mineralogy, porosity, and parent body history.
2:50 PM
Nagaashi Y.* Nakamura A. M.
Weak and Size-Independent Cohesive Force of Meteorite Fragments: Implications for Mobility of Particles on a Small Body [#1023]
We show that the cohesive force of meteorite fragments is weak and size-independent, which is likely related to the high mobility of asteroid particles.
3:00 PM
Panel Q&A
3:20 PM
Grady M. M.* Abernethy F. A. J. Anand M. Franchi I. A. Greenwood R. C. et al.
UV-Vis Spectroscopy of Hayabusa 2 Grains: Comparison with Carbonaceous Chondrites and Asteroid (162173) Ryugu [#2907]
UV-Vis-NIR reflectance microspectroscopy of 50-µm-sized grains from primitive carbonaceous chondrites in preparation for analysis of Hayabusa2 grains.
3:30 PM
Jaramillo-Correa C.* Deomingue D. L. Clark R. Pearson N. Amano K. et al.
Ultraviolet to Near-Infrared Spectral and Photometric Measurements of 162173 Ryugu Powders [#2784]
We present photometric and reflectance spectroscopy analysis of Ryugu powders from grain C0002 reproducing common observation geometries performed by Hayabusa2.
3:40 PM
Pilorget C.* Okada T. Bibring J.-P. Brunetto R. Hamm V. et al.
A Global Characterization of Pristine Ryugu Samples with the NIR Hyperspectral Microscope MicrOmega Within the ISAS Curation Center and Perspectives for the Bennu Samples [#2510]
We present the results of MicrOmega extensive observations of the Ryugu samples (bulks, small bulks and > 400-mm-sized grains) in their pristine condition.
3:50 PM
Hamm M.* Hamilton V. E. Goodrich C. A.
Mid-IR Spectrum of Ryugu Sample C0137 Compared to In-Situ Data and Carbonaceous Chondrites [#2221]
The MIR spectrum of Ryugu sample C0137, taken from the second sampling site close to an artificial crater is compared to in-situ measurements of MARA from Ryugu.
4:00 PM
Panel Q&A
4:20 PM
Maturilli A.* Schwinger S. Bonato E. Helbert J. Baque M. et al.
Linking Remote Sensing, In-situ and Laboratory Spectroscopy for a Ryugu Returned Sample [#1632]
Our group was granted with an Hayabusa2 returned sample, A0112. We trained the sample analysis procedures on a Mukundpura piece of the same dimensions as A0112.
4:30 PM
Glotch T. D.* Yesiltas M. Kebukawa Y. Northrup P. Flores L. et al.
Correlated Micro- and Nano-Scale Analyses of Two Ryugu Particles [#2078]
Ryugu rocks prized / In lab, secrets they disclose / Solar system’s youth.
4:40 PM
Torrano Z. A.* Jordan M. K. Mock T. D. Carlson R. W. Yokoyama T. et al.
Samarium and Neodymium Isotopic Compositions of C-Type Asteroid (162173) Ryugu [#1776]
We report the Sm and Nd isotopic compositions of C-type asteroid (162173) Ryugu.
4:50 PM
Wadhwa M.* Masuda Y. Rai V. K. Gautum I. Haba M. K. et al.
Radiogenic, Nucleosynthetic, and Stable Isotope Isotope Variations in Strontium in Samples Returned by Hayabusa2 of Cb-Type Asteroid Ryugu [#1575]
We report here the strontium isotope compositions of Ryugu samples and their implications for relationships to carbonaceous chondrites.
5:00 PM
Panel Q&A
5:20 PM
Session Closure