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Mars, Cold as Ice 2: Glaciers and Subsurface Ice

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 2:15 PM
Waterway Ballroom 5

Don Hood
Vidhya Ganesh Rangarajan
Lauren Mc Keown
2:15 PM
Session Introduction
2:20 PM
Luzzi E.* Heldmann J. L. Williams K. Deutsch A. Sehlke A. et al.
Geomorphological Evidence of Near-Surface Ice at Candidate Landing Sites in Arcadia Planitia, Mars [#2335]
The analyzed geomorphology at candidate landing sites in Arcadia Planitia suggests that near-surface ice was (and may still be) extensively present in the area.
2:30 PM
Lange L.* Forget F. Spiga A. Vincendon M. Millour E. et al.
No Evidence for Shallow Subsurface Ice on Near-Tropical Martian Slopes? [#1657]
We showed here that pole-facing slopes at near-tropical latitudes (25°–35°) cannot have shallow subsurface water ice, contrary to what was currently admitted.
2:40 PM
Hood D. R.* Cohen-Zada A. L. Ewing R. C. Karunatillake S.
Lack of Boulder Sorting in the Martian Northern Lowlands Supports Dry Environment, No CO2 Ice Ratcheting [#1552]
In dark, cold winter / Icy ground huddles for warmth / Boulders heed no mind.
2:50 PM
Noe Dobrea E. Z.* Pearson K. A. Altinok A. Morgan A. Wood S.
Mid-Latitude Patterned Ground on Mars. Evidence for Rock Sorting on Mars? [#2449]
We investigate “brain coral” terrain, a martian terrain that bears striking resemblance to terrestrial sorted stone circles.
3:00 PM
Panel Q&A
3:20 PM
Cook C. W.* Byrne S.
Subglacial Sediment Deformation in Hellas Basin: Testing a Possible Origin for the Banded Terrain [#1860]
Modeled Hellas ice-sheet velocity is used in a sediment deformation model. Ridge relief and orientation depends on flow speed and direction and basal topography.
3:30 PM
Fard K. B.* Smith I. B. Larour E. Schlegel N. J. Morlighem M.
Modelling CO2 Glaciers on Mars with the 3D Ice Sheet and Sea-Level System Model (ISSM) [#1053]
Studying, analyzing, and modelling martian CO2 ice deposits to understand the history, evolution and climatic changes of Mars.
3:40 PM
Williams J. M.* Scuderi L. A. McClanahan T. P. Banks M. E. Baker D. M. H.
Mars Equatorial Glaciation — Computer Automation for Identification and Morphometric Extraction of Cirque Glaciers on Mars [#1232]
Identification of martian cirques within equator using a CNN. Implications for its past climate history and the possible equatorward migration of cryosphere.
3:50 PM
Rangarajan V. G.* Tornabene L. L. Osinski G. R. Beyer R. Heyd R. et al.
Multispectral Identification of Water-Ice on Mars from HiRISE Images [#1495]
HiRISE says “Oh, water-ice, I can closely see — pretty clearly with my color bands of three!”
4:00 PM
Panel Q&A
4:20 PM
Fastook J. L.* Head J. W.
Hellas Basin, Mars: Rim-Wall-Floor Glaciation in the Late Noachian-Early Hesperian and Interactions with Superposed Lava Flows [#1330]
Results from an ice sheet model of glaciation in eastern Hellas Basin with subsequent superposed lava flows support explanations for the observed diapers.
4:30 PM
Butcher F. E. G.* Arnold N. S. Balme M. R. Clark C. D. Conway S. J. et al.
A Candidate Ice-Marginal Paleolake Associated with Amazonian-Aged Buried Glaciers and Candidate Eskers on Mars [#1580]
Mars’ young glaciers / Made eskers by melt. But lakes? / Maybe we’ve found one.
4:40 PM
Rutledge A. M.* Bennett K. A. Edgar L. A. Edwards C. S. Eifert H. A. et al.
Warm-Based Glacial Landforms and Past Climate Signals: Icelandic Eskers as Proxies for Small Sinuous Ridges on Mars [#2077]
Eskers from glaciers / Formed by flowing meltwater / Signs of ancient ice.
4:50 PM
Varma S. K.* Chauhan M. Pandey P. Sharma J.
Morphological Study of Glacial Features at Protonilus Mensae, Mars and Their Analogues in Ladakh, India [#1979]
The glacial features present in the mid-latitudes of Protonilus Mensae, Mars, are morphologically similar to the glacial features present in Ladakh Himalaya.
5:00 PM
Panel Q&A
5:20 PM
Session Closure