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Petrology and Geochemistry of Martian Meteorites: Crust, Mantle, and Volatiles

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 2:15 PM
Waterway Ballroom 4

J. Brian Balta
Yang Liu
Susana Hoyos
2:15 PM
Session Introduction
2:20 PM
Duncan M. S.* Weller M. B.
Martian Mantle Melting: A Geochemical and Geodynamic Perspective [#2994]
Mantle melting needs / Geochem plus geophysics / Mars: an example.
2:30 PM
Aithala S. P.* Hirschmann M. M. Buss M.
Iron Redox Systematics of Martian Magmas [#1862]
We investigate the relationship between iron redox and oxygen fugacity in martian magmas to quantitatively model igneous mass transfer on Mars.
2:40 PM
Wu P.* Dayton K. Gazel E.
Quantitative Analysis of Melt Inclusions in Extraterrestrial Samples Using Nano-Scale X-Ray Computed Tomography [#2436]
This study demonstrates the capabilities of applying X-ray nano-CT on the study of melt inclusions hosted in extraterrestrial materials.
2:50 PM
Ramsey S.* Ostwald A. Udry A. Day J. M. D.
3:00 PM
Panel Q&A
3:20 PM
Jakosky B. M.*
Outgassing of Volatiles on Mars: Volcanism Through Time or Early Catastrophic Release? [#1013]
Measurements of volatiles in the atmosphere and in Mars meteorites answer this question. Volcanism can’t, pushing the major outgassing to the earliest history.
3:30 PM
Kleine T.* Steller T. Burkhardt C. Nimmo F.
An Inner Solar System Origin of Volatile Elements in Mars [#2409]
Nucleosynthetic Zn isotope anomalies reveal that Mars accreted volatile elements from its main inner solar system building blocks.
3:40 PM
Mukhopadhyay S.* Peron S. C.
Formation and Evolution of Mars Based on Differences in Its Interior and Atmospheric Volatiles [#2961]
Mars interior acquired chondritic volatiles followed by acquisition of solar gas in the atmosphere.
3:50 PM
Zimmermann N.* Safari M. Nekvasil H.
Trace Elements in Martian Fines: Contributions by Magmatic Gases [#2826]
We degassed a volatile (S,Cl,Br) and trace element doped P-Ca-Ti rich martian basalt to investigate the nature of vapor-deposited phases produced.
4:00 PM
Panel Q&A
4:20 PM
McSween H. Y.* Head J. W.
Ground-Truth Tests of Mars Magmatic Evolution Through Time [#1022]
Are temporal patterns in Mars magma compositions inferred from orbital remote-sensing consistent with ground-truth data from rover analyses and meteorites?
4:30 PM
Ostwald A. M.* Udry A. Day J. M. D. Gross J. Griffin S.
Complexly Zoned Crystals in the Nakhlite and Chassignite Meteorites and Implications for Petrogenesis [#1123]
Crystals in magma / Chronicle change during growth / In hidden patterns.
4:40 PM
Schmidt M. E.* Allwood A. Brown A. Christian J. Crumpler L. et al.
Sid: The Most Fractionated Martian Magma to Date and Its Crustal Evolution [#1368]
PIXL and SHERLOC indicate Jezero floor outcrop is porphyritic with zoned feldspars and very low Mg#, consistent with extensive fractionation of basaltic parent.
4:50 PM
Liu Y.* Allwood A. C. Treiman A. H. Schmidt M. E. Asimow P. D. et al.
The Nature of Igneous Olivine Cumulate Rocks in Jezero Crater, Mars [#1311]
Mineralogy and texture of olivine cumulate in Jezero crater, implication to regional unit.
5:00 PM
Panel Q&A
5:20 PM
Session Closure