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Lunar Volatiles and Where to Find Them

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 2:15 PM
Waterway Ballroom 1

Paul Lucey
Lauren Jozwiak
Lingzhi Sun
2:15 PM
Session Introduction
2:20 PM
Schorghofer N.* Rufu R.
Past Extent of Lunar Permanently Shadowed Areas [#1806]
Building on recent results by Farhat et al. (2022), we calculate the axis tilt of the Moon and the extent of perennially shadowed areas over the last 3.5 Gyr.
2:30 PM
Cannon K. M.* Deutsch A. N.
Revisiting Ice Stratigraphies at the Lunar Poles [#1259]
We revisit models of stochastic ice deposition at the lunar poles based on new findings about ballistic hopping and obliquity evolution.
2:40 PM
Reach W. T.* Lucey P. G. Honniball C. I. Arredondo A. Malaret E. R.
Molecular Water in the Lunar Far South Using 6-Micron Spectral Imaging [#1121]
We present the results of SOFIA observations in 2022 February, relating the distribution of surficial water with topographic features in the lunar far south.
2:50 PM
Ohtake M.* Nakauchi Y. Tanaka S. Yamamoto M. Onodera K. et al.
Natural Water Ejection from the Lunar Surface Identified at the Polar Regions [#1933]
We identified natural water ejection at the lunar polar region by using Spectral Profiler data onboard SELENE suggesting vigorous volatile migration.
3:00 PM
Panel Q&A
3:20 PM
López Días V.* Pfister L. Barnich F. Lindner R. Hissler C.
Water Ice Behavior Under Lunar Polar Harsh Environment — Theoretical and Experimental O-H Water Ice Kinetic Isotope Fractionation During Sublimation [#2935]
The study of sublimation and related kinetic isotope fractionation helps to better understand the lunar water cycle and the raw data from future lunar missions.
3:30 PM
Poston M. J.*
Experimental Insights into Argon and Water Interactions with Lunar-Relevant Materials [#2738]
Ultra-high vacuum thermal desorption experimental results of pre- and post- ion-irradiated lunar simulants.
3:40 PM
Flom A. J.* Lucey P. G. Honniball C. I. Ferrari-Wong C. M. Head J. W.
Variations in the Depth of the 3um Hydration Band During Lunar Eclipse: Implications for the Hypothesis of Ballistic Migration of Water [#2763]
The lunar 3-µm hydration band increases strongly during the falling temperatures of a lunar eclipse, which appears to invalidate the hypothesis of ballistic migration of water.
3:50 PM
Laferriere K. L.* Bramson A. M. Gleason A.
Temperature Driven Transport of Lunar Hydration on Diurnal Timescales [#1047]
We simulate OH/H2O formation, migration and loss processes on the lunar surface to understand and interpret observations of diurnally variable hydration.
4:00 PM
Panel Q&A
4:20 PM
Poppe A. R.* Halekas J. S. Harada Y.
Is There a Dense Carbon-Dioxide Exosphere at the Moon? [#1624]
We explore evidence that the Moon possesses a relatively dense carbon-dioxide exosphere due to neutral recycling of solar wind carbon ions.
4:30 PM
Himani T. P.* Lewis K. W. Patterson G. W. Dutton N. T. Rivera-Valentin E. G. et al.
Examining the Dielectric Constant and Polarization Properties of Surficial Water Ice in the Lunar South Pole [#1574]
Determining if dielectric constant inversion from radar data supports the existence of surficial water ice in certain PSRs of the lunar south pole.
4:40 PM
de Castro N.* Li S.
Characterizing Spectral Features of Water Ice, Lunar Regolith Analogues, and Their Mixtures at the VNIR Region [#2282]
Experiments on water ice and regolith simulant mixtures in the VNIR range as a function of particle size of water ice, viewing geometry, and water ice content.
4:50 PM
Ferrari-Wong C. M.* Lucey P. G. Honniball C. I.
Cold-Trapped Methane in Regions of Permanent Shadow (PSRs) [#1835]
Methane at the poles / Frozen in the lunar cold / Waiting to be found.
5:00 PM
Panel Q&A
5:20 PM
Session Closure