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Mars, Cold as Ice 1: Polar Caps and Dynamic Processes

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 8:20 AM
Waterway Ballroom 5

Frances Butcher
Candy Hansen
Shannon Hibbard
8:20 AM
Session introduction
8:25 AM
Dundas C. M.* Mellon M. T. Posiolova L. V. Miljkovic K. Collins G. S. et al.
The Limits of Ice on Mars: Ice Exposed by a Large New Impact Crater at 35ºN [#2462]
An ice exposure at 39.1°N reveals that ice is present but likely unstable, residing below 1 m depth.
8:35 AM
Garcia-Cajiao J.* Cartwright S. F. A. Whitten J. L. Landis M. E.
Geologic Map of the South Layered Deposits, Mars [#2991]
We will produce a south polar geologic map with the goal of dividing the south polar layered deposits. Here we present a map of a subregion of the SPLD.
8:45 AM
Andres C. N.* Smith I. B.
8:55 AM
Driver G.* El-Maarry M. R. Hubbard B. Brough S.
Large Area Glacier-Like Forms on Mars: Insights from Impact Crater Morphologies and Crater Retention Ages [#1584]
I explored the differences between varying impact crater morphologies and crater retention ages of the surfaces of the 100 largest glacier-like forms on Mars.
9:05 AM
Panel Q&A
9:25 AM
Buhler P. B.*
A 510,000-Year History of Mars' Global Water Transport [#1222]
Analysis of water ice layers in Mars’ massive CO2 ice deposit allow quantitative, time-resolved retrieval of obliquity-driven global water transport.
9:35 AM
Martinez G. M.* Lasue J. Meslin P.-Y. Chide B. Caravaca G. et al.
The First Frost Detection Campaign by the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover: Implementation and Results [#2184]
Here we describe the first campaign launched by the Perseverance rover to detect frost during the first martian year of operations.
9:45 AM
Valantinas A.* Thomas N. Pommerol A. Hauber E. Bickel V. et al.
Tropical Frost on Martian Volcanoes [#1539]
New early morning observations reveal equatorial frost atop the tallest martian volcanoes.
9:55 AM
Cleveland R. D.* Chevrier V. Tullis J. A.
Object-Based Image Analysis of "Swiss Cheese" Pitted Terrains' Evolution on the Martian South Polar Cap [#2726]
The south pole of Mars is home to CO2 sublimation pits, which we studied to obtain a growth rate.
10:05 AM
Panel Q&A
10:25 AM
Mc Keown L. E.* Diniega S. Poston M. J. Carey E. Scully J. E. C. et al.
10:35 AM
Diniega S.* Rebbapragada U. Doran G. Lu S. Wronkiewicz M. et al.
Generating a Global, Multiscale Map of Martian CO2 Frost from Visible and Thermal Detections [#1829]
Martian frost map made / Multiscale, global in scope / Data science helps. (generated by ChatGPT, which seemed appropriate given this study’s collaboration).
10:45 AM
Portyankina G.* Merrison J. Iversen J. J. Hansen C. J.
CO2 Ice Deposition on and Its Interaction with Regolith: Laboratory Studies [#2020]
We have experimentally investigated impact of substrate material on CO2 ice deposition morphologies.
10:55 AM
David E.* Aharonson O. Vos E. Forget F. Schorghofer N.
The Effect of Ground Ice Redistribution on the Martian Paleo-CO2 Cycle [#2044]
We present a qualitative analysis of the effect of orbitally-forced ground ice redistribution on the long-term evolution of the martian CO2 cycle.
11:05 AM
Panel Q&A
11:25 AM
Session Closure