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Continued Exploration of the Jezero Crater Delta Front

Thursday, March 16, 2023, 8:20 AM
Waterway Ballroom 4

Julia Semprich
Briony Horgan
Christy Caudill
8:20 AM
Session Introduction
8:25 AM
Beyssac O. Clavé E.* Dehouck E. Forni O. Udry A. et al.
A Journey Across the Transition Between the Igneous Seitah Floor Unit and the Delta with the Mars2020 SuperCam Instrument at Jezero Crater, Mars [#1458]
We study a transect through the crater floor igenous Seitah unit to the lower Jezero delta based on SuperCam data (texture, chemistry, mineralogy of rocks).
8:35 AM
Horgan B.* Duflot L. Garczynski B. Gupta S. Johnson J. R. et al.
Provenance of Sediments in the Jezero Delta from Perseverance Rover and Orbital Observations [#3022]
The Jezero delta shows stratigraphic variations in primary mafic minerals that suggest diverse transport processes and geologic evolution of the watershed.
8:45 AM
Kizovski T. V.* O'Neil L. Schmidt M. Hurowitz J. Treiman A. et al.
Minor Minerals in the Jezero Crater Delta Analyzed by PIXL — Provenance and Mars Sample Return Implications [#2855]
PIXL chemical and textural analyses of minor mineral phases (specifically oxide, phosphate, and Zr-bearing minerals) encountered in the western delta of Jezero crater.
8:55 AM
Hurowitz J. A.* Tice M. M. Allwood A. C. Cable M. L. Bosak T. et al.
The Petrogenetic History of the Jezero Crater Delta Front from Microscale Observations by the Mars 2020 PIXL Instrument [#2301]
PIXL on the delta / Rock diversity abounds! / Let’s bring these samples home.
9:05 AM
Panel Q&A
9:25 AM
Dehouck E.* Forni O. Quantin-Nataf C. Beck P. Mangold N. et al.
Overview of the Bedrock Geochemistry and Mineralogy Observed by SuperCam During Perseverance's Delta Front Campaign [#2862]
Chemical and mineralogical analyses performed by the SuperCam instrument at the Jezero delta front reveal a spectacular diversity of past aqueous environments.
9:35 AM
Phua Y.* Ehlmann B. L. Mandon L. Siljeström S. Razzell Hollis J. et al.
Characterizing Hydration in Alteration Minerals of Jezero Crater Geologic Units with SHERLOC on Mars-2020 [#1392]
We focused on identifying the carriers of hydration of crater floor and delta rocks that have been measured by SHERLOC on Mars 2020.
9:45 AM
Forni O.* Beck P. Johnson J. R. Dehouck E. Quentin-Nataf C. et al.
Combining Supercam LIBS and VISIR: Constraining the Mineralogy in Jezero Crater [#1244]
We combine the chemistry from the LIBS data and the mineralogy from the VISIR data from SuperCam to constrain the formation of the rocks in Jezero crater.
9:55 AM
Mandon L.* Ehlmann B. L. Wiens R. C. Horgan B. Garczynski B. J. et al.
Variable Past-Redox Conditions at Jezero Crater, Mars [#1423]
We use combined observations by the Mastcam-Z and SuperCam instruments to assess the variability of oxidized products along the stratigraphy of Jezero Crater.
10:05 AM
Panel Q&A
10:25 AM
Roppel R. D.* Abbey W. J. Asher S. A. Bhartia R. Bykov S. V. et al.
Investigation of Mineralogies During the Delta Front Campaign by SHERLOC [#2761]
The SHERLOC instrument onboard NASA’s Perseverance Rover reports on the mineralogy measured by DUV Raman of the Delta Front Campaign in Jezero Crater, Mars.
10:35 AM
Siljeström S.* Czaja A. D. Corpolongo A. Berger E. L. Cardarelli E. et al.
Sulfate Alteration in the Crater Floor of Jezero Crater, Mars as Observed by Mars 2020 SHERLOC and PIXL Instruments [#2219]
We report on sulfate chemistry (cation and hydration) of crater floor rocks at Jezero Crater, Mars as observed Mars 2020 SHERLOC and PIXL.
10:45 AM
Nachon M.* Lopez-Reyes G. Meslin P.-Y. Ollila A. Mandon L. et al.
Light-Toned Veins and Material in Jezero Crater, Mars, as Seen In-Situ via NASA’s Perseverance Rover (Mars 2020 Mission): Stratigraphic Distribution and Compositional Results from the SuperCam Instrument [#2673]
At Jezero crater, Mars, calcium sulfate light-toned veins are observed cutting through rocks and indicate episode(s) of past fluid circulation.
10:55 AM
Kalucha H.* Broz A. P. Fischer W. W. Gasda P. J. Randazzo N.
In-Situ Alteration in Sulfate Rich Units of Jezero Crater, Mars [#1291]
Several stages of in situ alteration, including early and late diagenesis, present in Hogwallow Flats and Yori Pass units (sulfate-rich) at Jezero Crater, Mars.
11:05 AM
Panel Q&A
11:25 AM
Session Closure