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Poster Session: Planetary Mission Concepts

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 6:30 PM

Paul D.* Srikanth M. John L. Karidhal R. Manjusha 
Long Eclipse Management for Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter [#2101]
For lunar satellites, a total lunar eclipse is challenging as power is not available to charge the battery and freezing for a longer (4 times more) duration.
Srikanth M.* Radhika K. Ritu K.
Modelling and Estimation of Momentum Desaturations for Chandrayaan-2 [#2145]
spacecrafts orbiting in space experience disturbance forces acting on an spacecraft that create torques and demand the AMD and it affects the orbital aspects.
Coleman N. M.* Coleman F. A. Coughenour C. L.
AI-Assisted Robotic Farming on Mars can Grow and Store Five Years of Food for a Science Base at Milankovic Crater [#1035]
Milankovič Crater’s huge ice inventory and low elev. (–4 km) at lat 54°N is a prime site for a Mars base. Robotic farming can store years of food before humans land.
Rovera S.* Foing B. H.
JANITOR: Active Debris Removal Satellite [#1051]
Active debris removal concept mission to remove the non-cooperative satellite Envisat for Earth’s orbit. Preliminary design of the necessary subsystems.
Zhao S.* Qian Y. Xiao L. Zhao J. He Q. et al.
A Concept Mission for Long-Distance Exploration in Science-Rich Lunar Mare Fecunditatis Region [#2100]
The topography and geological features of Mare Fecunditatis are analyzed and a ~1400-km traverse is proposed for future long-distance exploration.
Hook T. E.* Girija A. P. Saikia S. J. Longuski J. M. Cutts J. A. et al.
JPL-Purdue Rapid Mission Design Pilot Study [#1760]
The suite is an interactive, easy-to-use, web-based tool that performs a comprehensive exploration of the trade space and compares trajectory design options.
Bonny R. F.* Foing B. H.
Neptune Atmospheric Retrograde Orbiter — A Mission to Neptune and Its Moons [#2288]
A mission concept is proposed to study Neptune, its moons, and rings from a spacecraft entering into orbit around the planet through aerocapture.
Barbey K.*
Solar Wind Sample Return, Study and Solar Sail Magnetic Storm Monitoring [#2704]
Mission design of a combined mission to retrieve solar wind samples, study the solar wind in the 0.98–1.00 AU regime and magnetic storm monitoring.