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Poster Session: Instrument Concepts

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 6:30 PM

Misra P.* Roseboro N. Hare L. Garcia-Sanchez R. Aslam S. et al.
Design and Development of a Novel Standoff Raman Optical System for Lunar Science Rover-Lander Missions [#2126]
A proof-of-concept for an efficient optical telescope system will be presented for standoff (~tens of meters) Raman spectroscopy on the lunar surface.
Wang X. Y.* Liu P. Qi X. B. Liu C. Q. Xin Y. Q. et al.
Research on Wavelength Calibration of Linear-CCD Remote Raman Spectrometer [#1996]
The calibration process proposed in this paper is simple, which provides a reference for other wavelength calibrations of linear-CCD remote Raman spectrometers.
Kremer C. H.* Mustard J. F. Pieters C. M. Green R. O. Parman S. W. et al.
Imaging Spectrometer for Lunar Silicate Compositional Determination and Direct Detection of H2O in the 4-8 Micron Intermediate Infrared (IMIR) Spectral Range [#2151]
We describe a design for an intermediate infrared (IMIR) spectrometer capable of being implemented on missions for the Moon, Mercury, and elsewhere.
Sawyers E. A.* Daly M. G. Quaglia A. Walker S. Freemantle J. et al.
Overview of the LABEISS Breadboard for Planetary Exploration [#1299]
Status of the LABEISS breadboard that uses LIBS and LAMIS as main techniques. Also, it includes the development of the secondary techniques such as Raman, LIF, and TR-LIF.
Barlow A.* Sawyers E. Aznar M. Manrique J. Lopez-Reyes G. et al.
Overview of a New LIBS Database for the LIBS-Raman Sensor [#1298]
Overview of the new database for the development of LIBS-Raman sensor and the recalibration of the dataset for elemental quantification.
Sarrazin P.* Blake D. F. Bristow T. S. Rampe E. B. Treiman A. H. et al.
In-Situ Mineralogical Analysis of the Venus Surface Using X-Ray Diffraction and X-Ray Fluorescence (XRD/XRF) [#1388]
CheMin-V is a next-generation X-ray diffraction/X-ray fluorescence instrument that will provide quantitative mineralogy and geochemistry of the Venus regolith.
Sarrazin P.* Blake D. F. Rampe E. B. Bristow T. F. Gailhanou M. et al.
CheMinX: A Next Generation XRD/XRF Instrument for Quantitative Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Mars [#1365]
CheMinX is a next-generation X-ray diffraction/X-ray fluorescence instrument suitable for MER-class rovers and landers such as the Mars Life Explorer.
Hofmans K.* Bannister M. T. Bradley J. P. Yalcin U. Aves A. et al.
Pristine Particle Collection with a Cyclonic Separator on Long-Duration Stratospheric Flights Above New Zealand [#1434]
Ancient dust drifts down / Wide wings soar through stardust falls / Let’s skim the high sky!
Prettyman T. H.* Buxner S. Steckel A. V. Knightly J. P. Hendrix A. et al.
Radioelement Geochemistry: Rover Analog Study at Yellow Cat [#1389]
Radioelement data acquired by a rover-mounted Gamma Ray Spectrometer is used for high-contrast lithologic mapping in an operational analog study at Yellow Cat.
Miura Y. N.* Cho Y. Kurokawa H. Saito Y. Kasahara S. et al.
Development of Instrumentation for Atmospheric Neon Measurements on Mars [#2276]
In order to measure atmospheric neon on Mars, we propose an instrument combining a polyimide sheet as the permeable membrane for Ne-Ar separation and a mass spectrometer.
Retherford K. D.* Moore T. Z. Miller M. A. Molyneux P. M. Whizin A. et al.
Lunar Raman Deep Ultraviolet Visible Spectrograph (LR-DUV-VIS) Concept [#2217]
Lunar Raman light / Deep UV and Visible / Spectrograph observes .
Cecchi M. F.* Wurtz-Pra S. Goldman B. Foing B.
Implementation of Hydroponic Systems on Moon Analogs and Comparison with Traditional Cultivation Systems [#2898]
We analyze and compare the growth of different plant species in hydroponic and soil-based systems on Moon analogs under different light/radiation conditions.