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Poster Session: Planetary Spatial Data Infrastructure, Processing, Mapping, Tools and Machine Learning: The Rise of the Machines

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 6:30 PM

Su M. Y.* Chen J. Liu C. Q. Ling Z. C.
Identifying Mineral Phases in Meteorites by BSE-EDS Images Using Deep Learning Model [#2091]
We use the BSE and EDS fused image to classify the main mineral phases in meteorite and this is the first method by using deep learning model to achieve it.
Laura J. R.* Beyer R. Bland M. T. Fergason R. L. Hare T. M. et al.
Planetary Spatial Data Infrastructures: Europa and the Moon SDIs [#2808]
Community update on the progress being made by planetary spatial data Infrastructure for Europa and the Moon.
Hunter M. A.* Buban H. C. Edgar L. A. Fortezzo C. M. Hare T. M. et al.
Design of a Traverse Planning Toolset in Support of Lunar Surface Operations [#3016]
This science-based traverse planning concept is described herein as the Systematic Traverse Engineering with Integrated Ellipses (STEWIE).
Calef F. J.* Parker T. J. Schroeder J. Williams N. Golombek M. P.
Spatial Products and Services for the Mars2020 Perseverance Rover [#2914]
Maps provide a shared spatial context for features of interest for science and engineering. We discuss the use of maps for Mars2020 Perseverance operations.
Prashar A. K.* Amitabh 
Building the PDS4 Local Data Dictionary for Chandrayaan-2 Mission [#1041]
PDS4 Mission Local Data Dictionary have been developed by ISRO Science Data Archive for catering to the Chandrayaan-2 mission specific parameters.
Jayakody D. R.* Ambegoda T. D. Karunatillake S. Hughes E. B.
Optimized Field Sampling of Mars-Analog Serpentine Zones via Machine Learning [#2242]
A system for proposing localities of Mars-analog serpentine zones using satellite images by calibrating against in-situ verified samples using machine learning.
Logan T. L.* Smyth M. M. Calef F. J.
AMMOS Planetary Orbital Mosaicking and Mapping (POMM) Toolset [#1261]
Open Source software for mosaicking and co-registration of Mars, Earth, and Moon orbital imagery, and map-projecting selected MRO, MEX, and LRO mission sensors.