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Poster Session: Material Analogues

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 6:30 PM

Summers A. W.* Zanetti M. R.
The Lunar Regolith Terrain (LRT) Field: A New Lunar Surface Planetary Analog Facility at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) [#2758]
Marshall Space Flight Center has developed a new new lunar surface test area to assist in the research and development of lunar surface technology and con-ops.
Tucker E. Z.* Abedin M. N. Wincheski R. A. Rickman D. L.
Characterization of NU-LHT-4M Lunar Regolith Simulant Using Different Raman Configurations [#1264]
We report Raman spectroscopy measurements of NU-LHT-4M, a lunar simulant, using different measurement configurations, including a portable Raman system.
Velbel M. A.* Alemao E. P. Bischer B. L. Gorantla S. Hawkins K. F. et al.
Grain Shape (Form and Surface Texture) Analysis of Some Mars and Lunar Regolith Simulants [#2398]
We reports results of ongoing efforts to describe and interpret similarities and differences in grain shape among different synthetic regolith simulants.
Mironov D. D.* Agapkin I. A. Slyuta E. N.
New Martian Soil Simulant VI-M2 for Geochemical and Astrobiological Experimental Research [#1513]
New Mars soil simulant VI-M2 corresponds to the chemical, mineral, and physical composition of the soil and rocks in Eagle Crater and the surface of Mars.
Pan C. A.* Mao W. S. Fu X. H. Wu Z. C. Zhang J. et al.
The Color Centers Formation in Chloride Induced by Space Radiation [#1878]
The color centers formation in chloride induced by space radiation.
Davidson J.* Wadhwa M. Sutton S. Hervig R. L. Thordarson T.
Correlated Microscale Investigations of Hydrogen Isotopes, Water Concentrations, and Redox State of Nominally Anhydrous Minerals in Icelandic Basalts: Implications for Magmatic Processes on Mars [#1287]
We report combined H2O-δD-Fe3+/ΣFe systematics of Icelandic basalt NAMs to understand the variability in H isotopes and redox in martian meteorites.
Hoffmann V. H.* Junge M. Kaliwoda M. Hentschel F. Schmahl W. W.
Combining Digital Microscopy and Micro Raman Spectroscopy: New Ways for Non-Destructive Analyses of (Extra-)Terrestrial Materials [#2273]
A new approach is presented which combines 2/3D digital microscopy and micro Raman spectroscopy as a for a non-destructive analyses of fragile samples.
Tanbakouei S.* Michalski J. R.
Raman Spectroscopy of Clay Standards as an Analogue of Martian Clays [#2097]
Clays are crystalline minerals as a valuable natural resource on Mars. In this work, Raman spectral features of clay minerals have been investigated.