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Poster Session: Differentiated Meteorites and Planetary Differentiation

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 6:30 PM

Izawa M. R. M.* Jephcoat A. P. Applin D. M. Cloutis E. A.
Modal Mineralogy of HED Meteorites by Rietveld Refinement [#2538]
Rietveld refinement yields precise mineral modes that combined with spectral analysis can improve the compositional interpretation of HED-like asteroid surfaces.
Sumiya Y.* Koike M. Kurokawa A. Onishi K. Kanemaru R. et al.
U-Pb Dating of Phosphate Minerals in a Mesosiderite Tanezrouft 091 and a Brecciated Eucrite Juvinas [#1926]
We performed U-Pb dating of phosphates in a mesosiderite Tanezrouft 091 and basaltic eucrite Juvinas, which provide collisional history of Vesta.
Wang Z. L.* Tian W. Wang W.
Eucrite-Melt Breccia Jikharra 001: A Potential Window for Understanding the Petrogenesis of Ferroan Anomalous Eucrites [#1017]
Petrology and mineralogy of Jikharra 001 and possible implications on the petrogenesis of ferroan anomalous eucrites.
Mitchell J. T.* Willcocks F. M. Stephen N. R.
Fayalite in Polymict Eucrite Northwest Africa 6414: Evidence of Metasomatism and Fayalite-Bearing Magmas on the HED Parent Body? [#1492]
Both primary and secondary fayalite are identified in NWA 6414, giving insight into magmatic and metasomatic processes on the HED parent body.
Goodrich C. A.* Jakubek R. S. Fries M. D.
Raman Imaging of Carbon Phases in Very-Low-Shock Ureilite ALH A78019 [#1424]
Raman imaging of carbon in low-shock ureilite ALHA78109 shows no diamond. This supports the impact shock hypothesis for the origin of diamonds in ureilites.
Jiang Y.* Zhang X. R. He W. Z. Liao S. Y. Herd C. et al.
Gyarub Zangbo: An Anomalous Carbonaceous Pallasite [#1183]
The mineral chemistry, O and Cr isotopes of olivine, and metal phase chemistry distinguish Gyarub Zangbo as an anomalous carbonaceous pallasite.
Wölfer E.* Burkhardt C. Renggli C. J. Pangritz P. Kleine T.
Constraining Volatile Element Loss Processes by Germanium Isotopes in Iron Meteorites [#1928]
Ge isotope data of variably volatile depleted iron meteorites and degassing experiments provide constraints on the origin of planetary-scale volatile depletion.
Steenstra E. S.* Oudshoorn S. Berndt J. van Westrenen W. Klemme S.
Partitioning of Highly Siderophile Elements Between Sulfide-, Metal- and Silicate Melts: The Effects of Cu and Ni and Implications for Planetary Differentiation [#1429]
High pressure/temperature experiments were used to constrain the effects of Cu and Ni in sulfide liquid on the partitioning of highly siderophile elements.
Krot A. N.* Nagashima K. Dunn T. L. Petaev M. I. Ma C.
Oxygen Isotopic Compositions of Igneous CAIs from CK3 Chondrites [#1579]
Igneous CAIs in CK3s experienced metasomatic alteration and O-isotope exchange with an 16O-poor aqueous fluid that affected Ti-rich pyroxenes and anorthite.