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Poster Session: Presolar and Interstellar Dust

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 6:30 PM

Fisenko A. V.* Semjonova L. F. Pavlova T. A.
Nanodiamond of Meteorites: Correction Results of Isotopic Composition of Xenon Components [#1007]
On the isotopic composition correction results of the xenon components, and on Ott hypothesis (Ott, 1996) about formation of the excesses of xenon isotopes.
Silva C. C. Chrostoski P. Fraundorf P.*
New Directions for Detective Work on Presolar Core\Rim Carbon Onions [#2402]
We report here on recent laboratory and simulation studies of presolar core/rim carbon onions, and implications for AGB outflows as well as carbon’s phase diagram.
Ramachandran R.* Meka J. K. Ravindran A. Singh S. V. Gupta S. et al.
Etching of ISM Cold Dust — A Conceivable Dust Destruction Process in Astrochemical Icy Conditions [#2043]
Can icy mantles on dust grains in ISM lead to destructive processes in the absence of any irradiation? The present work answers that!!
Nakano Y.* Kimura Y. Hashimoto A.
Characterization of Potentially-Interstellar, Nanoparticles Condensed in Hydrogen Atmosphere [#1296]
Properties of interstellar dust are still under debate. We report four types of nanoparticles that are produced in the heating of Allende meteorite in pure H2 gas.