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Poster Session: Giant Planet System Potpourri

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 6:30 PM

Mandt K. E.* Mousis O. Simon A. Hofstadter M.
Do Juno MWR Results Invalidate Galileo Probe Noble Gas and Isotope Measurements? — CANCELED [#1197]
Nitrogen isotopes and noble gas abundances, critical for determining the origin of the ice giants, can be measured reliably with a single atmospheric probe.
Struck J.-T.*
Solar System Planetary Debris Flow [#2602]
Solar system planetary debris flow can be studied to protect satellites from injury and harm.
Bradak B.* Kimura J. Gomez C.
Introduction to Dione`s Wispy Terrain, as a Putative Model Region for Wilson-Cycles on Icy Satellites [#1178]
The relationship between impact craters and tectonic features on Wispy Terrain (Dione) may indicate compression and theoretically, subsumption-like processes.
Vidmachenko A. P.* Steklov O. F.
Summer is Coming Soon on Saturn’s Moon Titan [#1095]
Summer in Titan’s S-hemisphere will lead to methane rain and fill seas. In 2023–2030 IR observations on large telescopes will confirm hypothesis on Titan’s seasons.
Vashist A. S.* Heslar M. Barnes J. W. Hennen C. Lorenz R. D.
Titan’s North-South Asymmetry at Visible Wavelengths over the Cassini Mission [#2030]
We observe a near-complete boundary latitude transition, a 3-year loss in albedo contrast, and a tilt of Titan’s NSA using VIMS cubes taken from 2004 to 2017.
Naseem M.* Neveu M. Howell S. Lesage E. Daswani M. M. et al.
Salt Distribution from Freezing Intrusions in Ice Shells on Ocean Worlds [#1672]
Understanding the influence of compositional heterogeneities on transport through ice shells through numerical modeling of freezing intrusions.
Leeseberg P. R.* Nixon C. A. Thelen A. E. Cordiner M. A.
Searching for C4H3N Isomers on Titan Using ALMA [#2585]
Methylcyanoacetylene was recently discovered on Titan, prompting an investigation of the other structural isomers of C4H3N.
Li J.* Li C.
Sulfur Chemistry on the Surface Ice of Europa [#1317]
We show that sulfuric acid is the dominant species on the surface of Europa and sulfur chemistry may play an important role in the formation of O2.
Goossens S.* van Noort B. G. Mateo Aguaron A. Mazarico E. van der Wal W.
Enceladus Gravity and Titan Gravity and Tides from Cassini Tracking Data [#1528]
Analysis of Cassini tracking data for Enceladus and Titan gravity and tides, with results consistent with earlier analysis but a lower Love number for Titan.
Klaiber L.* Thomas N. Marschall R.
Three Dimensional Modeling of the Dynamics of Io’s Atmosphere [#2609]
We are presenting a 3D numerical model of the dynamics of Io’s atmosphere and the interaction of various atmospheric processes.
Vidmachenko A. P.* Steklov O. F.
On Seasonal Growth of Geyser Activity in the South Polar Region of Enceladus [#1096]
In 2024 Enceladus will transit to summer in S-hemisphere. Therefore observations on large telescopes in 2023–2030 should find an increase in geyser activity.