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Poster Session: Small Bodies: Fireballs, Bolides, and Strewn Fields

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 6:30 PM

Silber E. A.* Ronac Giannone M. Bowman D. C.
The 2020 Earthgrazer: Infrasonic Detection of a Rare Meteor Event [#1060]
We present infrasound observations of a rare earthgrazing fireball.
Toscano-Bermúdez J. C. Madiedo J. M.*
Comet 3D/Biela as a Source of Deep-Penetrating Meteoroids [#2041]
The ability of meteoroids from defunct Comet 3D/Biela to deeply penetrate Earth’s atmosphere is discussed.
Aimee A. I. Madiedo J. M.*
A Potential Meteorite Fall Observed in 2022 in the Framework of the Southwestern Europe Meteor Network [#2357]
A meteorite fall and the emission spectrum of the corresponding bright meteor are analyzed.
Peña-Asensio E.* Trigo-Rodríguez J. M. Corretgé-Gilart M. Koschny D. Kresken R. et al.
Large Fireballs During the Spring of 2022 in Spain: 2 Meteorite Falls and Minor Showers as Source of Impact Hazards [#1493]
We analyze bright fireballs over Spain during spring 2022. We identify two meteorite dropper events and a large percentage of minor shower associations.
Peña-Asensio E.* Trigo-Rodríguez J. M. Socas-Navarro H. Visuri J. Gritsevich M. et al.
The Finnish Hyperbolic Grazing Meteor: Are Interstellar Earth Impactors Biased? [#1486]
We report a hyperbolic meteor that shares statistical anomalies with CNEOS interstellar candidates, which may unveil an unknown source of biased fast impactors.
Madiedo J. M.* Ortiz J. L. Aceituno J. De Guindos E. Aimee A. I.
Large Cometary Meteoroids Observed in the Framework of the Southwestern Europe Meteor Network [#1790]
We analyze an extraordinary fireball that was spotted over Spain on 2022 October 12. Its peak luminosity was equivalent to an absolute magnitude of –15.
Sansegundo A. Madiedo J. M.* Tossar B. Aimee A. I.
Dynamical Analysis of an Earth-Grazing Sporadic Bright Meteor Observed in 2022 [#1792]
We present the preliminary analysis of an Earth-grazing fireball generated by the sporadic background on 2022 October 16.
Izquierdo J. Madiedo J. M.* Ortiz J. L. Rodríguez-Struve D. Aceituno J. et al.
Analysis of the Entry in the Atmosphere of a Meteoroid from Comet 2P/Encke [#1795]
We present here the preliminary analysis of a large Taurid fireball that overflew the south of France on 2022 November 18.
Trigo-Rodríguez J. M.* Domínguez-Cerdeña I. F. Díaz-Suárez E. A. Tapia M. Silber E. A.
On the Origin of a Daylight Bolide over Canary Islands on November 30, 2022: A Meteoric Event over Gran Canaria Detected by Seismic Detectors [#1435]
The fragmentation of a bolide over Canary Islands on Nov. 30, 2022, at 15:35 UTC produced a shock wave that ended as a seismic signal recorded by 6 IGN stations.
Madiedo J. M.* Ortiz J. L. Aceituno J. De Guindos E. Aimee A. I.
Orbit and Emission Spectrum of a Quadrantid Fireball Recorded in 2023 [#1785]
This work focuses on the preliminary analysis of a mag. –9 Quadrantid bolide recorded on 2023 January 4. Its emission spectrum is also presented.
Silber E. A.* Albert S. Berg E. M. Bowman D. C. Dannemann-Dugick F. K.
The Upcoming Re-Entry of the OSIRIS-REx Return Capsule: Plans for a Coordinated Seismo-Acoustic Observational Campaign [#1229]
Sample return capsules (SRCs) can serve as artificial meteors upon re-entry. A seismo-acoustic observation campaign is planned for the OSIRIX-REx SRC re-entry.