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Poster Session: Small Bodies:  Laboratory Analyses, Experiments, and Modeling

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 6:30 PM

Cho E.* Choi Y. J.
Ancient Comet-Like Activities of Jupiter Trojans After Being Captured [#1230]
We simulate the early evolutionary process of Jupiter Trojans to examine whether they had cometary activities as active Centaurs after they moved into 5.2 AU.
Senshu H.* Maximilian H. Tanaka S. Sakatani N. Kanamaru M. et al.
Annual Effect on the Diurnal Surface Temperature Trend of an Asteroid [#1937]
The thermal evolution of an asteroid is affected by orbit rotation in the northern hemisphere, especially when the thermal inertia is large.
Suer T.-A.* Steenstra E. S. Marchi S.
The Importance of Redox State to the Composition and Fractional Core Size of Iron-Rich Planetesimals with Application to 16-Psyche [#2540]
We model possible core compositions and core mass fractions for small bodies formed under reducing conditions for a range of starting bulk compositions.
Ipatov S. I.*
Collisions of Bodies Ejected from Several Places on the Earth and the Moon with the Terrestrial Planets and the Moon [#1508]
The fraction of bodies ejected from the Earth and the Moon at impacts of bodies-impactors that fall back onto Earth during hundreds of millions of years was about 0.2.
Ballouz R.-L.* Barnouin O. S. Toy-Edens V. L. Daly R. T. Fletcher Z.
Experimental Setup to Study Crater Scaling Relationships for Gas-Based Excavation on Small Bodies [#2422]
We introduce an experimental setup to study gas and thruster cratering on small bodies as a means to characterize surface strength for in situ exploration.