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Poster Session: Small Bodies: Remote Observations

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 6:30 PM

Rizos J. L.* Farnham T. L. Sunshine J. M. Kloos J.
Reexamination of the Large Smooth Patch on Comet 9P/Tempel 1 as Observed by the Deep Impact and Stardust Missions [#1661]
We reexamine the large smooth patch and propose several mechanisms to explain its origin based on our results.
Wooden D. H.* Woodward C. E. Bockelee-Morvan D. Harker D. E. Kelley M. S. P. et al.
Dust and Gas in Comet C/2017 K2 (Pan-STARRS) with JWST [#2714]
JWST observed Comet C/2017 K2 (Pan-STARRS) (GO 01566) at 2 au. NIRSpec and MIRI IFU data show emissions from H2O, CO, CO2, CH4, CH3OH, C2H6, OCS, and silicates.
Nissinen M.* Gritsevich M. Ryske J.
Recent Observations of the 17P/Holmes Dust Trail [#1541]
In this study we present and discuss new, made in 2022, observations of the dust trail produced by the massive outburst of comet 17P/Holmes in October 2007.
Sánchez A.* Trigo-Rodríguez J. M. Llenas J. M.
Pre-Perihelion Photometric Follow-Up of Long Period Comet 2022 E3 (ZTF) Weaking Up from the Dark [#1690]
First results of a photometric campaign on long-period comet 2022 E3 are presented. A monotonic increase in its R magnitude denotes quite promising activity.
Aikyo Y.* Morota T. Sugita S. Cho Y. Hirata N. et al.
Construction and Accuracy Evaluation of the Local Digital Elevation Models of the Asteroid Ryugu [#1894]
We constructed high-resolution local DEMs of Ryugu surface and evaluated their accuracy. We found that the vertical accuracy depends on the amount of parallax.
Wlodarczyk I. W.*
Short-Time Orbital Evolution of the Asteroid (523599) 2003 RM [#1100]
Based on all published observations, we present computations of the short-period orbital evolution of the asteroid (523599) 2003 RM.
Arai T.* DESTINY+ Science team 
Current Status of DESTINY+ and Ground-Based Observations of Its Target Asteroid (3200) Phaethon [#3017]
Current status of DESTINY+ development and ground-based observations of the target asteroid (3200) Phaethon are presented.
Rosaev A. E.*
Some Results of the 153 Hilda Asteroid Orbit Approximation [#1044]
Results of approximation of Hilda orbit in 1 Myr. The eccentricity and perihelion longitude of Hilda is better approximated by combinational frequencies.
Yingst R. A.* Karkoschka E.
Assessment of Clast Morphology at the Huygens Probe Landing Site [#1592]
Are the clasts at the Huygens landing site worn by fluvial processes? This work adds some limitations to the question based on clast morphology analysis.
Poggiali G.* Wargnier A. Fossi L. Matsuoka M. Barucci M. A. et al.
Phobos and Deimos Surface: Analog Laboratory Studies and Comparison with Available Data in Preparation for MMX-MIRS Observations [#1912]
We performed laboratory measurements on Phobos and Deimos analogs in support of observations by the MIRS instrument onboard the JAXA Martian Moon eXploration mission.
Bramble M. S.* Hand K. P.
Electron Irradiation of Methane and Methane/Water Ices at 20 K Through 100 K [#2464]
Methane from below / Radiation from above / Altered icy worlds.