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Poster Session: Mars 2

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 6:30 PM

Buhler P. B.*
Paleo-Extent of Mars' Massive CO2 Ice Deposit [#1223]
Evidence of a paleo-massive CO2 deposit extending to ~81°S has been mapped, a key step in quantifying Mars’ obliquity-driven exchangeable CO2 inventory.
Gergácz M. A.*
Occurrence of Remnant Seasonal Water Ice Patches at the Southern Hemisphere of Mars Hemisphere of Mars [#1439]
Analyzing springtime ice patches on HiRISE images could aid us in exploring the possible present-day occurrence of liquid water on the martian surface.
Boatwright B. D.* Head J. W.
Kavinda K. P. G. Rathnayaka C. B. Silva W. G. C.* Ambegoda T. D. Manogaran R. et al.
RESIST: Tool to Automatically Segment Martian Inverted Channels in HiRISE Images [#1821]
RESIST — A novel, resource-efficient open-source application that employs deep learning techniques to automatically segment inverted channels in HiRISE images.
Morris R. V.* Haney N. C. Jakubek R. S. Eckley S. A. McCubbin F. M. et al.
Deep UV Raman and Chemical Analysis of Crystalline Feldspar and Pyroxene in Polymict Martian Meteorite Northwest Africa 10922: An Analog Study for Mars 2020 SHERLOC and PIXL and MSL CheMin Instruments [#2748]
DUV Raman analysis of crystalline NWA 10922 and terrestrial feldspars implies the SHERLOC spectral feature near 1050 cm–1 results from crystalline feldspar.
Sato T.* Mikouchi T.
Experimental Reproduction of Shock Melts in Shergottites Using Hawaiian Picritic Basalt and JSC Mars-1 Martian Soil Simulant [#1994]
We performed experimental reproduction of shock melts in shergottites using Hawaii basalt and martian soil simulant in order to understand melting temperature.
Ward J. M.* Dayton K. Gazel E.
Raman and Infrared Spectroscopy of Martian Meteorite Northwest Africa 2737 [#1002]
Raman spectroscopy of fluid and melt inclusions in Northwest Africa 2737 olivine grains revealed phases containing volatile elements such as C and S.
Koike M.* Kurokawa A. Onishi K. Nakada R. Sumiya Y. et al.
In-Situ Nitrogen Speciation of Shergottite Martian Meteorites and Terrestrial Mars Analog [#1893]
Nitrogen µ-XANES analyses are conducted on impact glasses in two shergottites (Tissint and NWA 13367) and alteration minerals in a terrestrial basaltic analog.
Ott U.* Schwenzer S. P.
Noble Gases in Chassigny and the Martian Interior [#1371]
Kr and Xe in Chassigny have been thought to be representative for martian mantle gases, but different analyses of Chassigny yield different results.
Peplowski P. N.*
Detection of Na in Tharsis Montes with the Mars Odyssey Gamma-Ray Spectrometer [#2045]
Analysis of Mars Odyssey data reveals the first evidence for a positive detection of Na in high-elevation regions with the Gamma-Ray Spectrometer.
Wang C.* Usui T. Melwani Daswani M. Sugahara H. Nakada R. et al.
Thermochemical Simulation of Bockfjord Volcanic Complex Carbonates, a Terrestrial Martian Analog [#1980]
Thermochemical simulations to investigate the roles of starting rock composition, W/R, and fCO2 in the formation of Bockfjord Volcanic Complex carbonates.
Wang A.* Jackson A. W. Sturchio N. C. Houghton J. Yan Y. C. et al.
Martian Dust Activity Can Quantitatively Account for the Observed Carbonates, Perchlorates in Topsoil and HCl in Atmosphere [#2112]
We report the first set of quantifications on carbonates, (per)chlorates, oxides, and chlorine generated from electron-impacted chlorides during dust activity.
Bhatt S. M.* Joshi F. M. Pabari J. P.
A Simple Electrodynamic Model of a Dust Devil [#2359]
We present mathematical model of formation of martian dust devil.
Chaudhari M. B.* Joshi F. M. Pabari J. P.
A Numerical Study of Schumann Resonance and Lightning Discharge on Mars with FDTD and TLM Method [#2483]
Schumann frequencies in martian atmosphere are calaculated here mathamatically.
Li Y. X.* Shi E. B. Ling Z. C.
The Raman Spectra of Ferric Chlorides and Ferrous Chlorides [#2074]
The Raman spectra of iron chlorides were obtained which will benefit of our understanding the recurring slope lineae phenomenon and habitability of Mars.
von Canal A. v.* Rammelkamp K. Lomashvili A.
Ivestigation of Neural Network Architectures for Classification of Multi-Attribute LIBS Spectra Under Simulated Martian Atmospheric Conditions [#2122]
We compare two neural network classification schemes for predicting two chemical compenents of self-prepared samples, measured with our dedicated LIBS setup.
Isen J. A.* Smith I. B.
In House-Developed Goniometer to Support Measurements of the Bidirectional Reflection Distribution Function (BRDF) of CO2 Ice Made in an Environmental Chamber that Simulates Martian Polar Conditions [#2752]
Our environmental chamber simulates Mars polar conditions where we generate CO2 ice and measure the reflectance of the ice at various angles using a goniometer.