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Poster Session: Volcanoes! …From a Distance

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 6:30 PM

Crown D. A.* Scheidt S. P. Ruff S. W. Rice J. R. Chuang F. C.
Terrestrial Analog Studies of Volcanic Embayment Relationships: Implications for Interpretations of Volcanic Contacts on Mars [#2710]
Terrestrial analog studies of basaltic lava flow fields in New Mexico provide constraints for interpretations of volcanic contacts on Mars.
Crown D. A.* Garry W. B. Berman D. C. Anderson S. W. Scheidt S. P. et al.
Mapping Martian Lava Flow Fields: Investigations of Pahoehoe-Like Flow Morphologies in the Tharsis and Elysium Volcanic Provinces [#2269]
Mapping martian lava flow fields reveals the distribution, types, topographic attributes, and spatial and temporal contexts of pāhoehoe flow morphologies.
Keszthelyi L.* Kerber L. Fagents S. A. Liu Y.
Using Fuzzy Logic to Classify Planetary Lava Flows Seen in Cross-Section [#2691]
We are starting to see lava flows in cross-section up close. We present a systematic method for interpreting such observations.
Wilson L.* Head J. W.
Formation of Magma Reservoirs Supplying Volcanic Complexes on the Moon [#1453]
We link small-volume eruptions in volcanic provinces on the Moon to the formation and evolution of reservoirs at the base of the crust.
Wilson L.* Head J. W.
Eruption Conditions Deduced from the Extents of Pyroclastic Constructional Features Surrounding Volcanic Vents on the Moon [#1469]
Diameters of lunar pyroclastic deposits are controlled by magma volatile contents and radial thickness variations measure magma volume eruption rates.
Ahmad A.* Chaudhary H. Nair A. M.
Mineralogical Analysis of Hesparian-Aged Regions of Ius Chasma, Melas Chasma and Capri Chasma of Valles Marineris [#2003]
We carried out a comparative study based on mineralogical analysis across the Hesperian-aged region of three Chasmata: Ius Chasma, Melas Chasma, and Capri Chasma.