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Poster Session: Lunar Volatiles and Polar Studies

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 6:30 PM

Yeo L. H.* McLain J. Rosemary K.
Hydroxylation of Lunar Soil with Solar Wind [#2420]
We present FTIR spectra on Apollo-era soil samples obtained simultaneously with high-energy hydrogen plasma irradiation, similar to the solar wind.
Wang H. Z.* Shi Q. Q. Zhang J. Yue C. Guo R. L. et al.
The Possible Influence of the Earthward/Tailward Flow in the Earth's Magnetotail to the Lunar Water [#2110]
In this work, we analyze earthward and tailward flux and their possible influence on the lunar surface using ARTEMIS data and the Monte Carlo model.
Fu Y.* Wang H. Z. Zhang J. Chen J. Shi Q. Q. et al.
Possible Formation Mechanism of Lunar Hematite [#2201]
The results show that lunar hematite content increases with latitude, and it is positively correlated with surface water abundance.
Subramanian S. S.*
High Reflectance Due to Patchy Distribution of Surface Ice Seen in Indirect Illumination of Shadowed Region near the Artemis Landing Site [#1612]
High reflectance might occur due to patchy distribution of surface ice, which can been seen in indirect illumination of shadowed polar regions in LRO NAC images.
Livengood T. A.* Chin G. Boynton W. V. McClanahan T. P. Su J. J.
Latitude Dependence of the Hydrogen/Water Concentration in the Lunar Surface Measured by LRO/LEND [#2713]
Neutron flux suppression from Moon equator to poles supports inferred surficial water greater than a monolayer film, increasing throughout temperate latitudes.
Slyuta E. N.* Turchinskaya O. I. Tretyukhina O. S. Sanin A. B. Mitrofanov I. G. et al.
Forecast Water Ice Reserves in the Moon Polar Regions by the “LEND” Data [#1089]
Water ice probable reserves by the “LEND” data in the north polar region are estimated at about 8.8 × 10^8 tons, and in the south polar region about 7.6 × 10^8 tons.
Slyuta E. N.* Grishakina E. A. Turchinskaya O. I. Tretyukhina O. S. Feoktistova E. A.
To the Site Selection for a Lunar Research Station [#1092]
The best lunar research base location can forever provide a strategic advantage in the exploration of the Moon and deep space.
Slyuta E. N. Dudchenko V. A.*
A Temperature Distribution Model in the Lunar Soil at the Polar Regions [#2198]
A model of temperature distribution in the lunar soil at the polar regions depending on the degree of illumination and temperature on the surface.
Uvarova A. V.* Agapkin I. A.
Experimental Research of the Lunar Soil-Analogue VI-75 Under Negative Temperature [#2146]
This research is aimed at studying the strength properties of lunar soil analog VI-75 with different water contents at low temperatures by one-plane cut method.