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Poster Session: Investigating the Artemis Exploration Zone 2

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 6:30 PM

Krasilnikov S. S.* Ivanov M. A. Head J. W. Krasilnikov A. S.
Geological Map of the South Pole: A Framework for Future Exploration Planning [#1778]
We present the final version of a geologic map of the southern polar region compiled at 1:300,000 scale (Krasilnikov et al., 2023).
Krasilnikov A. S.* Krasilnikov S. S. Ivanov M. A. Head J. W.
Model 3D Stratigraphy of the Artemis Landing Sites [#2435]
In this contribution, we present a series of cross-section within two selected Artemis landing sites (Polygons 3 and 7).
Peña-Asensio E.* Tripathi P. Sutherland J. Mason K. Goodwin A. et al.
Visibility Opportunities on the Shackleton-Henson Connecting Ridge from the SpaceX Artemis III Human Landing System [#1391]
We analyze the visibility and communication opportunities arising from the remarkable height of the Artemis III SpaceX Human Landing System presented by SpaceX.
Petro N. E.* Lawrence S. J. Miller M. J. Artemis Internal Science Team 
Artemis Internal Science Team Update: Lunar Data and Data Products to Support Surface Exploration and Site Selection [#1354]
Artemis landed missions will require a number of available datasets, not only to determine what science will be done, but also for landing site safety.