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Icy World Geology, Europa and Friends

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 2:15 PM
Montgomery Ballroom

Erin Leonard
Mallory Kinczyk
Rutu Parekh
2:15 PM
Session Introduction
2:20 PM
Phillips C. B.* Ireland S. M.
A Search for Changes on Europa Between the Galileo and Juno Observations [#2719]
Europa’s surface was viewed / By Galileo, then waiting ensued / Then 20 years later / Juno said “Hey there!” / We’ll see what changed, in truth.
2:30 PM
Becker H. N.* Florence M. M. Lunine J. I. Schenk P. M. Hansen C. J. et al.
Complex Features on Europa's Surface Revealed by Juno's Stellar Reference Unit [#1179]
High-resolution imagery of Europa’s surface by Juno’s low-light Stellar Reference Unit has revealed a complex region of the surface between ~0 and 6°N and 43.5 and 51°W.
2:40 PM
Thelen A. E.* de Kleer K. Camarca M. Butler B. de Pater I. et al.
Mapping Europa's Thermal Properties with ALMA [#2884]
Antennas combine / To map Europa’s surface / And the ice beneath.
2:50 PM
Hammond N. P.* Collins G. C. Goodman J. C. Walker C. Chivers C. et al.
Assessing the Relationship Between Fault Morphology and Shear Heating on Europa [#1866]
Shear heating’s an interesting theory / But how can we test such a query? / When fault slip is quicker / Do ridges grow thicker? / The answers are making us leery.
3:00 PM
Panel Q&A
3:20 PM
Mills A. C.* Duncan E. Nixon C. A. Trent D. Santerre J. et al.
Piecing Together the Chaos Puzzle: A Machine Learning Model for Chaos Block Identification on Europa [#2295]
The chaos puzzle / Is solved through machine learning? / Train it well and see.
3:30 PM
Baby N. R.* Kenkmann T. Stephan K. Wagner R. J.
Polygonal Impact Craters on Ganymede [#1460]
The straight rim segments of PICs and their relationship with adjacent lineaments or fractures could tell us about Ganymede’s tectonic history.
3:40 PM
Bland M. T.* Bray V. J.
Large Shallow Craters on Callisto and Ganymede as an Inevitable Result of Viscous Relaxation [#2104]
An icy crater / Reacts to internal warmth / Depth diminishes.
3:50 PM
Schurmeier L. R.* Brouwer G. E. Fagents S. A. Kay J. P. Marusiak A. G. et al.
Crater Relaxation Caused by an Insulating Methane Clathrate Crust on Titan [#2813]
Large craters relax / In warm methane clathrate crust / Shallowness explained.
4:00 PM
Panel Q&A
4:20 PM
Cashion M. D.* Johnson B. C. Sori M. M. Gibson H. Turtle E. P.
Double Ridges on Europa Produced by Ice Wedging [#2007]
We use analytical edge dislocations and FEM models to simulate growth of ice wedges in Europa’s shell that causes surface uplift consistent with double ridges.
4:30 PM
Jabaud B.* Artoni R. Tobie G. Le Menn E. Richard P.
Cohesive Properties of Fresh Deposits Analogues on Enceladus and Europa [#2002]
Experimental study on ice powders as analogues of icy regoliths through a rotating drum device, at temperatures close to the surface of Enceladus and Europa.
4:40 PM
Green A. P.* Cooper C. M.
Dripping to Destruction: Exploring Salt-Driven Viscous Surface Convergence in Europa's Icy Shell [#1148]
The presence of salt in Europa’s ice shell may drive convergent tectonics, recycle surface ice, and encourage material exchange between the ice shell and ocean.
4:50 PM
Lien R. R.* Craft K. L. Walker M. E. Patterson G. W. Rhoden A. R.
5:00 PM
Panel Q&A
5:20 PM
Session Closure