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Differentiated Meteorites and Planetary Differentiation

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 2:15 PM
Waterway Ballroom 6

Bidong Zhang
Chris Herd
Carl Agee
2:15 PM
Session introduction
2:20 PM
Rider-Stokes B. G.* Anand M. White L. F. Stephant A. Franchi I. A. et al.
The History of Hydrogen in the Early Inner Solar System as Recorded in Angrite Meteorites [#1602]
We investigate H abundance and isotopic compositions of minerals in angrites, providing insights into the timing of volatile addition to the inner solar system.
2:30 PM
Tissot F. L. H.* Collinet M. Namur O. Grove T. L.
The Angrite Parent Body as the Archetypal First-Generation Planetesimal: Large, Reduced and Mg-Enriched [#1221]
Two groups of quenched angrites. Experimental constraints point to a possibly Moon-sized parent body. A self-consistent bulk composition for the APB is derived.
2:40 PM
Peterson L. D.* Newcombe M. E. Nielsen S. G. Alexander C. M. O'D. Wang J. et al.
The H2O Content of Aubrites [#2237]
We reevaluate the H2O content of aubrites using SIMS and find that prior bulk measurements overestimate their H2O content by 2 to 3 orders of magnitude.
2:50 PM
Agee C. B.* Ross A. J. Spilde M. N.
Sebkha el Melah 001: Unbrecciated Pegmatitic Aubrite [#2810]
Sebkha el Melah 001 (SeM 001) is an unbrecciated aubrite meteorite with a unique pyroxenitic pegmatite texture.
3:00 PM
Panel Q&A
3:20 PM
Balemian-Spencer M. F. Krawczynski M. J.* Carpenter P. K. Ogliore R. C.
Experimental Study of Ungrouped Achondrite Erg Chech 002 [#2574]
Erg Chech is ancient / Its chemistry is funky / Let’s talk about it.
3:30 PM
Boesenberg J. S.* Humayun M. Ibarra D. E.
Hassi el Biod 002: A Pyroxene Pallasite from the Mantle of the IIAB Iron Parent Body [#2376]
Hassi el Biod 002, a new pyroxene pallasite, represents the first silicates from the IIAB iron parent body. The metal is identical to the IIAB iron, Negrillos.
3:40 PM
Herd C. D. K.* Locock A. J. Saini R. Ma C.
The El Ali (Somalia) IAB Iron Meteorite: New Minerals Reflecting Unusual Conditions of Formation [#2220]
Giant iron mass Reveals three new minerals Scientists elation.
3:50 PM
Zhang X. J.* Nicklas R. W. Day J. M. D.
Early Metal-Silicate Differentiation and Parent Body Processes Revealed from the Highly Siderophile Element Systematics of Winona [#1174]
HSE abundances and 187Re-187Os systematics of Winona shed light on early parent body processes, revealing a link between Winona metal and the IAB sLM subgroup.
4:00 PM
Panel Q&A
4:20 PM
Corrigan C. M.* Andrews B. J. McCoy T. J.
Evidence of Impact Melting from μXCT Scanning of Troilite in Ungrouped Irons Dronino and N’Goureyma [#2851]
3D images / Of melted sulfide features / Tadpoles, jellyfish.
4:30 PM
Burgin D. L.* Crossley S. D. Goodrich C. A.
The Onset of Core Formation in the Most Oxidized Asteroids [#1909]
Oxidized chondrites / Their small sulfides and oxides / Migration to core.
4:40 PM
Zhang B.* Chabot N. L. Rubin A. E.
Compositions of Carbonaceous-Type Asteroidal Cores in the Early Solar System [#1606]
Fractional-crystallization modeling of carbonaceous-type iron meteorites shows that the CAIs distribution in the protoplanetary disk (<1 Ma) was heterogeneous.
4:50 PM
Steenstra E. S.* Renggli C. J. Berndt J. Klemme S.
Experimental Quantification of the Evaporation of Iron-Loving and Sulfide-Loving Elements from Metallic Melts [#1442]
The volatility of siderophile and chalcophile elements applicable to metallic melts was experimentally determined for S-free and S-rich metallic liquids.
5:00 PM
Panel Q&A
5:20 PM
Session Closure