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Martian Hydrated Minerals and Aqueous Alteration

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 2:15 PM
Waterway Ballroom 4

Rachel Slank
Adrian Brown
Christian Tate
2:15 PM
Session Introduction
2:20 PM
Safari M.* Zimmermann N. Nekvasil H.
Magmatic Gas-Induced Alteration of the Martian Basaltic Crust: Insights from Experiments [#1403]
This work explores the magmatic gas-rock interactions and the contribution of gas-driven alteration products of common minerals to the martian fines and soils.
2:30 PM
Ralston S. J.* Peretyazhko T. S. Sutter B. Ming D. W. Morris R. V. et al.
Phyllosilicate Formation on Early Mars via Open-System Acid Alteration of Basaltic Glass [#1496]
Martian smectite clays / Could have formed by acid rain / Carbonates: unsolved.
2:40 PM
Szynkiewicz A.* Moore R. D.
Evaluation of Water Activity Timescales on Mars Using Quantities of Sulfate Minerals Deposited in Meridiani Planum, Valles Marineris, and North Polar Dunes [#2805]
If Mars was cold and dry in the past, it would have taken hundreds of millions of years to account for the sulfate minerals currently present on its surface.
2:50 PM
Bishop J. L.* Parente M. Saranathan A. M. Gross C. Itoh Y. et al.
Diverse Phyllosilicate and Sulfate Assemblages in the Mawrth Vallis Channel [#1913]
Discovery of several new assemblages of phyllosilicates and sulfates in the channel cutting through Mawrth Vallis indicates changing geochemical conditions.
3:00 PM
Panel Q&A
3:20 PM
Das D.* Turner S. M. R. Gasda P. J. Schwenzer S. P. Palandri J. et al.
Simulating Evaporative Wet and Dry Cycles in Gale Crater, Mars Using Thermochemical Modeling Techniques [#2440]
Ten thousand tempers / Of wavering wet and wry / Shape smidge salt on Mars.
3:30 PM
Archer P. D.* Jakubek R. S. Clark J. V. Patterson R. V. Casbeer P. D.
Using Secondary Minerals in a Hawaiian Lava Tube to Inform Salt Precipitation on Mars [#2765]
In a lava tube / Basalt is altered, salts form / Maybe like on Mars?
3:40 PM
Shumway A. O.* Catling D. C. Toner J. D.
Regolith Inhibits Salt Crystallization in Magnesium Perchlorate Brine, Suggesting More Persistent and Habitable Brines on Mars [#2478]
Mars-like brines in regolith act unlike ideal mixes of brine + regolith. Precipitation is inhibited, so brines may persist at drier conditions when in regolith.
3:50 PM
Das E.* Glotch T. D. Edwards C. S. Ye C. Milliken R. E. et al.
Investigating the Age, Abundance and Origin of Chloride Salt-Bearing Deposits on Mars [#1680]
New insights into the formation of ubiquitous chloride deposits on Mars from global-scale abundance mapping and geochemical modeling.
4:00 PM
Panel Q&A
4:20 PM
Caudill C. M.* Osinski G. R. Tornabene L. L.
EXOMARS Rosalind Franklin Rover Investigations: Analysis of Pancam Simulated Data for Assessment of In Situ Hydrated Mineralogy [#2546]
This work seeks to support the PanCam team in determining which spectral combination best highlights hydrous minerals for its future surface explorations.
4:30 PM
Brossier J.* Altieri F. De Sanctis M. C. Frigeri A. Ferrari M. et al.
Characterizing Clay-Rich Terrains in Oxia Planum and North Xanthe Terra: An Updated Overview of the Infrared Signatures [#1056]
We report an in-depth spectral analysis of clay-rich outcrops in Oxia Planum and north Xanthe Terra, both found along the circum-Chryse Planitia region.
4:40 PM
Ju E. M.* Liu C. Q. Ling Z. C.
Comparative Spectroscopic Study of Pyroxene and Hydrated Minerals Mixtures Relevant to Zhurong MarSCoDe SWIR Data Interpretation [#1819]
This study focuses on the comparison of martian SWIR data with laboratory spectra for the study and quantification of mineral composition.
4:50 PM
Comellas J. M.* Sharma S. K. Gasda P. J. Cousin A. Mayhew L. et al.
The Identification of Serpentinization on Mars with Mars2020 SuperCam Instrument [#2940]
Awash in red light / Hidden serpentinites thrive / Ripe for discov’ry.
5:00 PM
Panel Q&A
5:20 PM
Session Closure