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Lunar Regolith Properties and Processes

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 9:55 AM
Waterway Ballroom 1

Kate Burgess
Hannah Sargeant
Alex Sehlke
9:55 AM
Session Introduction
10:00 AM
Schmitt H. H.*
Continuously (“Permanently”) Shadowed Lunar Regolith Sampled by Apollo 17: Key Tests of Regolith Temperature Storage for Artemis [#2170]
Apollo 17 shadowed lunar samples 76240 and sunlit sample 79181 provide insights into the nature of regolith in permanent shadow at high lunar latitudes.
10:10 AM
Burgess K. D.* Cymes B. A. Stroud R. M.
Meteoritic Material from Permanently Shadowed Apollo 17 Soil [#2317]
We located an exogenous particle in lunar soil 76241 containing nanoscale inclusions of Ca-sulfide and Fe-Ni-phosphide.
10:20 AM
Sehlke A.* Sears D. W. G.
Lunar Regolith Thermoluminescence Glow Curve Fitting to Extract Its Most Important Kinetic Parameters [#1870]
Applied theoretical curve fitting / Possible to extract kinetic parameters / No unique solutions.
10:30 AM
Nishiizumi K.* Caffee M. W. Welten K. C.
Searching for the Missing Top Few mm of the Uppermost Lunar Surface Using Cosmogenic Radionuclides [#1793]
To investigate the properties of the uppermost lunar surface regolith, cosmogenic nuclides in Apollo 16 special samples, including 69004 (velvet cloth), were measured.
10:40 AM
Shackelford A.* Donaldson Hanna K. L.
Morphologic and Spectral Characterization of Regolith Breakdown Due to Water Ice [#1374]
We characterize morphologic and spectral changes of two high-fidelity lunar regolith simulants after exposing them to freezing temperatures and water ice.
10:50 AM
Gimar C. J.* Raut U. Poston M. J. Stevanovic A. Protopapa S. et al.
Far-Ultraviolet Photometric Characteristics of JSC-1A and LMS-1 Lunar Regolith Simulants: Comparative Investigations with Apollo 10084 [#2996]
Far ultraviolet phase functions are shown for lunar surface soils and simulants, applicable to LRO-LAMP findings.
11:00 AM
Panel Q&A
11:25 AM
Session Closure