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Calcium-Aluminum Rich Inclusions and Chondrites

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 8:20 AM
Waterway Ballroom 6

Ming-Chang Liu
Nicole Nevill
Peter Krizan
8:20 AM
Session Introduction
8:25 AM
Dunham E. T.* Burman A. McKeegan K. D. Liu M.-C. Matsuda N. et al.
Comparing the Ages of OC and CC CAIs [#1634]
NC and CC / CAIs formed at the same / Time and area.
8:35 AM
Liu M.-C.* Matsuda N. Dunham E. T. McKeegan K. D. McCain K. A.
The Chemical and Isotopic Signatures of the Hibonite-Rich FUN Inclusion “HIDALGO” in Dar al Gain 027 (CO3) [#1067]
The hibonite-rich inclusion / Has very strange isotopic compositions / HIDALGO.
8:45 AM
Budde G.* Marquez R. T. Ivanova M. A. Tissot F. L. H.
Molybdenum Isotope Systematics of Calcium-Aluminum-Rich Inclusions [#2203]
New data for coarse-grained CV CAIs reveal negligible effects of parent-body alteration, different populations of CAIs, and a Mo isotope trichotomy.
8:55 AM
Desch S. J.* Dunham E. T. Herbst A. K. Unterborn C. T. Sharp T. G. et al.
Low-26Al/27Al Corundum-Hibonite Inclusions (LAACHIs): How to Make Inclusions Without 26Al in a Solar Nebula Full of It [#1238]
The nebula’s A L 2 6 / In nanospinels did exist / In grains not that large / With negative charge / So hibonite, them, didn’t mix!
9:05 AM
Panel Q&A
9:25 AM
Han J.* Nagashima K. Park C. Krot A. N. Keller L. P.
Mineralogical and Oxygen Isotopic Study of Grossite-Bearing Refractory Inclusions from Reduced CV Chondrites [#2965]
We present a coordinated mineralogical and oxygen isotopic study of grossite-bearing, fine-grained CAIs from reduced CV chondrites.
9:35 AM
Brearley A. J.*
The Behavior of Chromium in Ferroan Olivine During the Earliest States of Metamorphism in the Type L3.05 Ordinary Chondrite Queen Alexandra Range 97008: Insights from Aberration Corrected Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy [#2817]
Nanoscale exsolution of Cr has occurred in unit cell thick lamellae in ferroan olivine in the L3.05 ordinary chondrite during parent body metamorphism.
9:45 AM
Krizan P. A. B.* Chan Q. H. S. Zolensky M. E. Bodnar R. J. Papineau D. et al.
Meteoritic Carbonates — The Key to Sampling Extraterrestrial Fluids? [#1498]
Here, we aim to locate and analyze new candidates for extraterrestrial fluid inclusions within carbonate grains of several primitive carbonaceous chondrites.
9:55 AM
Che S.* Domanik K. J. Zega T. J.
Halite and Sphalerite in the Sidi El Habib 001 (H5) Ordinary Chondrite: Insights into Microchemistry-Controlled Hydrothermal Alternation on its Parent Body [#1208]
Sidi El Habib 001 contains abundant halite and sphalerite, both of which are important probes of the fluid compositions on its parent body.
10:05 AM
Panel Q&A
10:25 AM
Hellmann J. L.* Walker R. J.
Hf-W Isotope Systematics of Bulk Chondrites: Implications for Iron Meteorite Model Ages [#1664]
Hf-W isotope systematics of chondrites help to place constraints on the timing of planetesimal differentiation and on the chemical evolution of the solar nebula.
10:35 AM
Haller R. L. H.* Lee M. R. L.
Unravelling the Aqueous Alteration History of CM Chondrites by Kinetic Modelling [#1488]
A PHREEQC model was built to investigate the evolution of mineralogy and petrologic type during aqueous alteration of a CM3 precursor.
10:45 AM
Inada S.* Tachibana S.
The Effect of Water Vapor on Evaporation Kinetics of Forsterite [#1334]
We experimentally confirmed suppression of forsterite evaporation by water vapor and propose a kinetic model to explain its evaporation in the disk condition.
10:55 AM
Schultz C. D.* Milliken R. E. Boesenberg J. S. Kerraouch I.
Spectral Biases In Brecciated Meteorites: What Are They Hiding? [#1576]
Three lithologies / A spectral menagerie / Our Aguas Zarcas.
11:05 AM
Panel Q&A
11:25 AM
Session Closure