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Venus 2: A Surface By Any Other Name…

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 8:20 AM
Waterway Ballroom 5

Debra Buczkowski
Gabriel Eggers
Margaret Deahn
8:20 AM
Session Intorduction
8:25 AM
O'Hara S. T.* McGovern P. J. vonLembke D. W.
Constraints on Depth and Thickness of an Oblate Magma Chamber at Sapas Mons, Venus [#2558]
Cracks on Sapas Mons / Magma chamber wide and flat / Collapsing inward.
8:35 AM
Hahn R. M.* Byrne P. K.
Characterizing Styles of Volcano Gravitational Collapse on Venus [#2190]
Volcanoes collapse / And create certain structures / What can they tell us?
8:45 AM
Roberts E. K.* Treiman A. H. Eggers G. L. Filiberto J.
Gina Crater Area, Venus: Multiple Overlapping Deformation and Volcanic Events Suggest Complex Active Tectonics [#2870]
Tectonic and volcanic activity overlapped in time; deformation of Gina Crater implies recent events.
8:55 AM
Herrick R. R.* Hensley S.
Direct Observation of Volcanic Activity on Venus from Repeat Magellan Imaging [#1061]
A volcanic vent on Venus changed between Magellan Cycles 1 and 2.
9:05 AM
Panel Q&A
9:25 AM
Flynn I. T. W.* Crown D. A. Ramsey M. S. Chevrel M. O.
Mapping and Modeling Venusian Lava Flows: Implications for Future Missions [#1151]
There is much still to learn regarding the emplacement of Venusian lava flows. We seek to further our understanding through detailed mapping and modeling.
9:35 AM
Eggers G. L.* Filiberto J. D'Incecco P. Mari N. Monaco C. et al.
Spectroscopy of Mount Etna Lava Flows as a Proxy for Age: A Potential Analogue to Recent Volcanism on Venus [#2480]
Weathered lava flows / Spectra can estimate age / But not so neatly.
9:45 AM
D'Incecco P.* Filiberto J. Garvin J. B. Arney G. N. Getty S. A. et al.
The Project “Analogs for VENus’ GEologically Recent Surfaces” (AVENGERS): A Comprehensive Database of Terrestrial Active Volcanoes for the Analysis of Ongoing Volcanism on Venus [#2476]
The Project “Analogs for VENus’ GEologically Recent Surfaces” (AVENGERS) will analyze terrestrial analogs for the identification of active volcanism on Venus.
9:55 AM
Nunes D. C.* Smrekar S. E. Hensley S. Adeli S. Andrews-Hanna J. et al.
Seeking Venus on Earth: The VERITAS/DLR Analog Field Campaign [#2319]
The VERITAS Science Team and DLR are planning a joint Iceland 2023 campaign to study Venus volcanic and tectonic analogs with airborne and in-situ measurements.
10:05 AM
Panel Q&A
10:25 AM
Kane S. R.* Adams A. D. Arney G. Head J. W. Kopparapu R. et al.
Venus in the Context of Exoplanet Demographics [#2443]
Venus lays the foundation for studying terrestrial planet evolution and habitability, and interpreting the substantial amount of exoplanet data.
10:35 AM
Ganesh I.* Gilmore M. S.
Detailed Magellan Radar Reflectivity Variations Within Sudenitsa Tessera, Venus Venus [#1847]
Venus tesserae / Do they vary place to place? / Can radar tell us?
10:45 AM
Whitten J. L.* Campbell B. A.
Characterizing the Impact of Crater Ejecta on the Surface Evolution of Tesserae [#2849]
We analyze backscatter data derived from Magellan SAR and fitered by emissivity and the presence of crater ejecta in order to characterize the diversity of tesserae.
10:55 AM
Austin T. J.* O'Rourke J. G. Izenberg N. Silber E. A.
Venus Airbursts: Implications for Global Resurfacing [#2534]
The surface of Venus is covered in hundreds of large scars from meteor airbursts. We examine their spatial distribution in the context of global resurfacing.
11:05 AM
Panel Q&A
11:25 AM
Session Closure