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In, On, and Around Jezero Delta

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 8:20 AM
Waterway Ballroom 4

Amy Williams
Emily Cardarelli
Sabrina Khan
8:20 AM
Session Introduction
8:25 AM
Williams A. J.* Russell P. S. Sun V. Z. Shuster D. Stack K. M. et al.
Exploring the Jezero Delta Front: Overview of Results from the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover's Second Science Campaign [#1652]
Overview for the Perseverance rover’s Delta Front Campaign, which is characterizing the Jezero delta front and collecting samples for Mars sample return.
8:35 AM
Russell P. S.* Paige D. A. Hamran S.-E. Amundsen H. Annex A. et al.
Stratigraphy Relationships of the Delta and Crater Floor in Jezero Crater from RIMFAX GPR Observations [#2975]
The RIMFAX GPR on M2020 Perseverance reveals several key aspects of the relationship between Jezero delta and the crater floor not resolvable from surface data.
8:45 AM
Barnes R.* Gupta S. Paar G. Stack K. M. Horgan B. et al.
Constructing Geological Cross-Sections to Constrain the Three-Dimensional Stratigraphic Architecture of the Jezero Delta Front [#2716]
We outline the overall stratigraphic architecture and internal structure in the Shenandoah formation that comprises the distal deposits of Jezero delta/fan.
8:55 AM
Núñez J. I.* Johnson J. R. Rice M. S. Horgan B. N. Vaughan A. et al.
Spectral Diversity Along the Delta Front in Jezero Crater, Mars as Seen with Mastcam-Z on the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover [#3036]
We present results on the spectral diversity seen along the stratigraphy of the delta front in Jezero Crater, Mars, as seen with Mastcam-Z on the Mars 2020 Rover.
9:05 AM
Panel Q&A
9:25 AM
Stack K. M.* Gupta S. Tebolt M. Caravaca G. Ives E. et al.
Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Lower Delta Sequence, Jezero Crater, Mars [#1422]
Jezero sandstone / Siltstone, deformed planar beds / Distal delta lobes?
9:35 AM
Ives L. R. W.* Stack K. M. Barnes R. Gupta S. Caravaca G. et al.
9:45 AM
Broz A. P.* Horgan B. H. Kalucha H. Garczynski B. Haber J. et al.
Diagenetic Alteration of Hogwallow Flats, Jezero Crater, Mars [#1845]
We present the first analysis of diagenetic alteration at Hogwallow Flats, Jezero Crater, Mars, and discuss implications for biosignature preservation of this unit.
9:55 AM
Mangold N. Gupta S. Caravaca G.* Dromart G. Gasnault O. et al.
From Lake Deposits to Fluvial Floods at the Eastern Delta Front of Jezero Crater, Mars [#2140]
Jezero delta front scarps display diverse rock facies interpreted as deltaic foresets deposits below fluvial deposits containing well-rounded boulders.
10:05 AM
Panel Q&A
10:25 AM
Kanine O. A.* Ehlmann B. L. Tate C. D. Grotzinger J. Paar G. et al.
Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Kodiak Butte, Jezero Crater, Mars — CANCELED [#2312]
Using Perseverance rover imagery and an imagery-derived 3D model, we evaluate depositional hypotheses for Kodiak butte in Jezero, including a fluvial origin.
10:35 AM
Cardarelli E. L.* Vaughan A. Siljeström S. Minitti M. E. Paar G. et al.
The First In-Situ Regolith Observations on the Delta Front of Jezero Crater, Mars Characterized by the Mars 2020 SHERLOC and Mastcam-Z Investigations [#2671]
Regolith observations from multiple workspaces explored on Mars 2020 are presented, including where the first martian regolith core samples were acquired.
10:45 AM
Annex A. M.* Ehlmann B. L.
Fill History of Jezero: Volcanic Floor Units and Their Relationships to the Many Lakes of Jezero Crater [#1651]
Signs of smaller lakes and channels are found in Jezero crater floor topography. Inverted areas may indicate lacustrine deposits now lost to surface erosion.
10:55 AM
Jodhpurkar M. J.* Bell J. F. Gupta S.
Characterizing the Northern Fan Deposits in Jezero Crater, Mars [#2977]
Northern fan baffles / With mysteries of deposits / Where does it fit in?
11:05 AM
Panel Q&A
11:25 AM
Session Closure