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Physical Properties in the Artemis Exploration Zone

Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 8:20 AM
Waterway Ballroom 1

Ariel Deutsch
Brad Thomson
Hannes Bernhardt
8:20 AM
Session Introduction
8:25 AM
O'Brien P.* Hayne P. O. Landis M. E. Byrne S.
Seasonal Illumination at the Lunar Poles: Partial Double Shadows and Super-Volatile Stability [#2668]
What illumination conditions are necessary for the existence of ultra-cold traps on the Moon?
8:35 AM
Lucas M. P.* Neal C. R. Long-Fox J. Britt D.
The Road to the Artemis Base Camp via Applied Science: Estimating the Bulk Density of Lunar Regolith Stratigraphy Through Cone Penetrometer Testing of Simulants [#1977]
The density of lunar regolith layers can be estimated via cone penetrometer readings of simulants in the lab, which will guide future infrastructure development.
8:45 AM
Connolly J. F.* Carrier W. D.
Updating Lunar Subsurface Geotechnical Properties Based Upon Nonlinear Winkler Modeling of Apollo and Lunokhod Measurements [#1029]
Analysis of Apollo and Lunokhod geotechnical measurements yielded an updated understanding of how lunar soil behaves nonlinearly with depth. Updates LSB figures.
8:55 AM
Deutsch A. N.* Bickel V. T.
The Elongation of Small Craters on Steep Lunar Slopes: Do Polar Volatiles Enhance Elongation and Mass Wasting? [#2524]
We analyze the elongation of small lunar craters formed on polar vs. lower-latitude slopes, and discuss how volatiles may enhance crater elongation.
9:05 AM
Barker M. K.* Mazarico E. Neumann G. A. Smith D. E. Zuber M. T. et al.
A New Look at the Topography of the Lunar South Pole with LOLA [#1532]
New and improved LOLA altimetry at the lunar south pole reveals a diversity of terrains characterized by their roughness on hectometer to kilometer scales.
9:15 AM
Patterson G. W.* Bhiravarasu S. S. Fassett C. I. Thomson B. J. Cahill J. T. S. et al.
Availability of LRO Mini-RF and Chandrayaan-2 DFSAR Data for Artemis Landing Zone Characterization [#2397]
Mini-RF and DFSAR data are valuable for identifying landing hazards and constraining the dielectric properties of regolith within the Artemis landing zones.
9:25 AM
Panel Q&A
9:50 AM
Transition to New Session