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Poster Session: Instrument Concepts: Other

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Mezilis J. A.* Izenberg N. R.
Venus Atmospheric Microphone for High Altitude Applications [#1882]
The Goddess of Love / Wishes for us to try and / Capture her whisper!
Drevinskas T.* Noell A. C. Ferreira Santos M. S. Mora M. F. Willis P. A. et al.
Design and Integration of an Underwater OCEANS Analyzer into the EELS Robot System [#1751]
This chemical analysis instrument fits in EELS payload segment, is cylindrical, 30 × 10 cm and used for habitability detection.
Craft K. L.* Asenath-Smith E. Coker R. F. German C. R. Jakuba M. V. et al.
Ocean Worlds Signals Through the Ice (STI) Technology — Fiber Optic and Free-Space Communication Developments [#2252]
Ice, oceans beneath. Explore and discover life? Send that data back!
Krantz S. H.* Zhao H. Blum L. W. Li X.
The Miniaturized High Energy Resolution Relativistic Electron Telescope (HERT): High-Energy-Resolution Electron Flux Measurements of Earth’s Radiation Belt [#2264]
HERT will contribute to the quantitative understanding of the radiation belt electron dynamics using a higher energy resolution than previous instruments.
Suhir E. S.*
Reliability Physics of Aerospace Electronics: Failure-Oriented-Accelerated-Testing (FOAT), Its Role and Significance [#1811]
Failure oriented accelerated testing is suggested to be carried out at the design stage of a new electronic or photonic aerospace technology is required.
Elliott B. J.* Nguyen V. T. Martin R. Reinicke J.
Rechargeable Batteries with Improved Discharge Capacity at -40 Celsius to -60 Celsius for Surviving the Lunar Night [#1588]
Batteries are needed that discharge at lower temperatures for the lunar night. Presented are modified batteries with increased discharge at –40° to –60°C.
Smith H. D.* Lynch K. L. Child C. Winward T. McKay C. P. et al.
Botany on the Moon [#2818]
Botany on The Moon is an instrument suite designed to investigate the feasibility of plant growth on the Moon.
Patrick E.* Xie L. Le K.
A Spherical Robot Under Simulated Lunar Surface Conditions [#2906]
A commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) spherical robot survived testing under simulated martian and lunar surface pressure conditions.