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Poster Session: Instrument Concepts: Sampling, Drills, and Regolith Mechanics

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Evans M. E.* Kelly C. Leonard M. Morgan J. A.
The Wizard Staff Mobile Tool for Human Exploration of the Lunar Surface [#1639]
Mobile power pole / Aids walking and science goals / Exploring the Moon.
Zanetti M.* Miller K. Hayward E. Bremner P. Robinson B. et al.
Improving Navigation Accuracy in GPS-Denied Planetary Analog Environments with the Kinematic Navigation and Cartography Knapsack (KNaCK) LiDAR System [#3002]
Improvements to simultaneous localization and mapping algorithms including terrain relative navigation and loop closure are used for mobile LiDAR mapping.
Parker J. J. K.* Dovis F.
Science and Engineering Investigations with the Lunar GNSS Receiver Experiment (LuGRE) Payload [#2834]
Payload on CLPS Flight 19D, Firefly Blue Ghost Mission 1.
Xiao C.* Gallegos S. Garcia S. C. Lopez D. R. Pors E. et al.
Preliminary Development of a High and Long Jumping Lunar Robot [#2384]
We propose and report on the preliminary development of a robot capable of high and long jumps for lunar exploration.
Long-Fox J.* Lucas M. P. Neal C. Conway J. Glover A. et al.
RIDER: A Planetary Terramechanics and Rover Wheel Testbed for Research and Development [#1644]
RIDER is a planetary terramechanics and wheel trafficability testbed that is open to the scientific and engineering communities.
Bush J. C.* Zhang Y. Liu S. Fulcher E. Franklin C. et al.
Robotic Legs as Novel Planetary Instrumentation to Explore the Mechanical Properties of Regolith [#1733]
We developed a field-deployable direct-drive robotic leg that can rapidly assess regolith strength in-situ.
Anderson R. C.* Buczkowski D. Chin K. Dohm J. M. Long-Fox J. et al.
SPARTA Toolkit: Overview of Recent Terrestrial Testing [#1846]
SPARTA is a highly versatile, miniature, multitool instrument for the geomechanical analysis of planetary regoliths.
Bywaters K.* Seto E. Bouey N. Zacny K.
Biomining for In Situ Resource Utilization of Lunar Minerals [#1850]
Biomining, the process of using microorganisms to extract metals from rocks and regolith, offers a method for ISRU of lunar minerals.
Eubanks T. M.* Blase W. P.
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Moon: Delivering Instrument Suites with Lunar Penetrators [#2989]
How to explore the Moon as a hitchhiker, traveling to difficult regions with a Mooncrane dropping you where you want to go.
Horvath T.* Paige D. A. Bailey S. May R. Price S.
Magic Staff: A Portable Subsurface Volatile Analysis Tool for Artemis Astronauts [#2767]
We propose a tool that will allow Artemis astronauts to easily determine the abundance and species of volatiles in the near-surface at the lunar polar regions.
Bywaters K.* Williams H. Bramall N. Bishop J. Zacny K.
OptiDrill: The Next-Generation Instrumented Drill [#1857]
OptiDrill is a next-generation instrumented drill that enables the spatially-correlated mineralogy and microtexture identification within rocks and regolith.
Saxena P.* McLain J. L. Tucker O. J. Killen R. M. Sarantos M. et al.
Leveraging Water Spillage Measured by Witness Plates to Sustainably Probe PSR Properties [#2127]
Witness plates (Biscuits) can sustainably explore PSRs by capturing water spillage from adjacent PSRs while avoiding potential damage to their environments.
Gscheidle C.* Reiss P.
Permittivity Sensors for Planetary Exploration [#1163]
We present current developments on permittivity sensors for detecting and characterizing volatiles on the Moon and other planetary bodies.
Chevrel S. D.* Weiss P.
Concept of a Platform for In-Situ Lunar Samples Pre-Analysis in the Lunar Habitat EUROHAB [#2192]
In-situ pre-analysis of lunar samples during ARTEMIS will be a necessity to select the samples to be returned in priority on Earth and planning EVA activities.
Nuth J. A.* Wegel D. C. Smith W. F.
Safe Sample Acquisition Using a Tethered Harpoon [#1523]
Presenting the safest method for acquisition of a small body sample. Sample almost any terrain from 10 m above the surface without endangering the spacecraft.
Buckner D. K.* Wilhelm M. B. Ricco A. J. Boone T. Chin M. et al.
The Extractor for Chemical Analysis of Lipid Biomarkers in Regolith (ExCALiBR): An Autonomous Sample Processing Instrument to Enable Detection of Lipids for Life Detection on Mars [#2908]
We present the Extractor for Chemical Analysis of Lipid Biomarkers in Regolith (ExCALiBR), a sample processor to extract lipids in martian geologic samples.
Bierhaus E. B.* Yant M. R. Dubisher R. Wurts D. Thomas M. et al.
Sample Collection and Handling Designs for Diverse Planetary Surfaces [#2149]
We describe multiple techniques for sample collection and handling for diverse planetary surfaces. These could be used for in-situ analysis or sample return.
Zacny K.* Chu P. Vendiola V. Bywaters K. Goldman S. et al.
TRIDENT Drill for VIPER and PRIME1 Missions to the Moon — 2023 Update [#1868]
TRIDENT drill is ice mining drill scheduled to fly to the Moon in 2023 as part of PRIME1 mission and in 2024 as part of VIPER mission.