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Poster Session: Planetary Mission Concepts: Outer Solar System

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Weber J. M.* Rodriguez L. E. Ono M. Cable M. Chodas M. et al.
A General STM for the Enceladus Vent Explorer Mission Concept and a Case for Vent Exploration [#1119]
We present a General Science Traceability Matrix (STM) for Enceladus.
Dancy R. J.* Foing B. H.
Europa Life Explorer: A Minimum-Cost Lander Mission to Europa [#1747]
Europa Life Explorer (ELX) is a mission concept aiming to land on Europa to drill into the europan ice and search for life as inexpensively as possible.
Persaud D. M.* Phillips C. B.
How to Sample an Alien World? Lessons for Europa from Apollo 16 [#2051]
Weary travelers / Left us with moondust letters / On to icy worlds!
Howell S. M.* Campbell S. Mikucki J. Winebrenner D. Perl S. et al.
ORCAA: An Analogue Ocean Access Mission to Europa [#3028]
Swim in Europa / See all of the small fishes / Retire happy.
Stolov L.* Zacny K. Lang C. Bywaters K. Lawrence J. et al.
Tether Communication for Accessing Ocean Worlds Using SLUSH [#2933]
Honeybee Robotics is developing tether-based communication technology for the The Search for Life Using Submersible Heated (SLUSH) probe to explore ocean worlds.
Ogliore R. C.* Lopes R. M. C. Hofmann A. E. Turner N. J. Bolton S. J. et al.
The Science Case for Io Sample Return [#1326]
Sample return from an Io plume is feasible and will solve mysteries related to the building blocks of Jupiter’s circumplanetary disk and volcanism on Io.
Bretzfelder J. M.* Hanley K. G. McKown Q. Cangi E. M. Sands C. et al.
VULCAN: A Mission Concept to Explore Tidal Heating and Extreme Volcanism at Io [#2861]
Student-led project / On a New Frontiers budget / Mission to Io.
Wimmer-Schweingruber R. F.* McNutt R. L. Brandt P. C. Provornikova E. A.
Possible Ccontributions of a Future Interstellar Probe Mission to Planetary Sciences [#1500]
An interstellar probe mission has been proposed to the 2024 heliophysics decadal study. We present opportunities it offers to the planetary community.
Kinczyk M. J.* Aaron L. M. Boone S. Buffo C. E. Flom A. J. et al.
Gelato: A JPL PSSS Comet Surface Sample Return Mission Concept [#1503]
Comet enigma / Nucleus sample needed / Gelato takes bite.
Siegfried L. A.* Foing B. H.
N.O.M.A.D.: An Exploration Mission to Neptune — Mission Concept [#1126]
Observing Neptune: A mission concept for a science spacecraft in the name of peaceful exploration and to set a precedent for future interplanetary missions.
Siegfried L. A.* Foing B. H.
Exploring Neptune: Atmosphere, Magnetosphere and Topography [#1156]
Neptune is one of the two ice giants in our solar system. Its atmosphere, magnetosphere and topography are analysed by a sophisticated science payload.