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Poster Session: Planetary Mission Concepts: Mars

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Gwizd S.* Stack K. M. Calef F. Francis R. Tolometti G. et al.
Rover-Aerial Vehicle Exploration Network (RAVEN): Mission Planning, Implementation, and Results from the 2022 Rover-Only Field Campaign at Holuhraun, Iceland [#1748]
The 2022 RAVEN rover-only mission acquired data in a Mars analog environment in order to develop optimal strategies for future mission operations.
Diniega S.* Jackson B. Soto A. Banfield D. Swann C. et al.
Enabling In Situ Observations of Active Surface-Atmospheric Interactions on Mars (and Maybe Other Bodies) [#1833]
Come and talk about / Surface-atmosphere dancing / Let us watch it all.
Mikulskytė O. Kingsnorth J. Manelski H.* Pikulić L. Rothenbuchner J.
Science Objectives of the Tumbleweed Mission — Swarm-Based, Wind-Driven Rover Mars Exploration [#2646]
The Tumbleweed Mission enables network science on Mars and provides novel datasets through low-cost rover swarms.
Stähler S. C.* Panning M. P. Antonangeli D. Banerdt W. B. Banfield D. et al.
A Cerberus Fossae Seismic Network [#1111]
Cerberus Fossae is either cool or hot and we should know.
Mayyasi M.* Erickson P. Lind F. Knapp M. Paritsky L. et al.
An Incoherent Scatter Radar Mission to Mars (ISR2M) [#1161]
We present a miniaturized incoherent scatter radar implementation for Mars to measure plasma properties in the lower ionosphere.
Baker D. M. H.* Haltigin T. Davis R. Mugnuolo R. Usui T. et al.
International Mars Ice Mapper Mission: Reconnaissance for the Human Exploration of Mars and Decadal-Level Science [#2922]
We summarize the International Mars Ice Mapper mission and how it would address Decadal-level science questions and prepare for the human exploration of Mars.
Lillis R. J.* Curry S. M. Curtis D. W. Taylor E. R. Courtade S. E. et al.
ESCAPADE Update: A Twin Spacecraft SIMPLEX Mission to Unveil Mars' Unique Hybrid Magnetosphere [#1108]
Ions rush away from / Mars’ hybrid magnetosphere / Twin probes we shall send.
Mittelholz A.* Heagy L. Johnson C.  L. Fraeman A. A. Langlais B. et al.
Helicopter Magnetic Field Surveys for Future Mars Missions [#1415]
These helicopters / Grazing the martian foothills / Solving mysteries.
Tonani L. E.*
Extracting Water from the Martian Environment [#1839]
This project investigated how progressive freeze concentration could be used to purify frozen perchlorate brine into potable water for astronauts on Mars.
Kete R.* Crotti S. Foing B.
Uncrewed Mars Demo Mission by Using MODUL Interplanetary Transport System (M-ITS) [#1978]
Converting the Lunar Orbital Outpost-Gateway in Interplanetary Transport Spacecraft and using it for an Unmanned Mars Demo Mission with a visit to Demos and Phobos.