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Poster Session: Planetary Mission Development

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Murray E. Niebur C.
Examining the Trends in Financial Support Given to Science Teams for Data Analysis in Mission Proposals [#2885]
Scientists generate the science return from missions via their data analysis and research. How much financial support do they receive in proposals to do this?
Thompson C.* Niebur C.
Exploring the Relationship Between Science Funding and Science Productivity on Extended Missions [#2915]
What factors affect a mission’s scientific productivity?
Asfour S.* Foing Pr.
Space Diplomacy, Governance and Inclusion: From U.N. Outer Space Treaty Forward to Moon Village and Beyond [#1918]
UN OST, lunar exploration, MoonVillage, nations, private commercial stakeholders, governance, space diplomacy, inclusion, democracy, connectivity interdependence.
Hutchison A. L.*
I.D.E.A. of the Future: A Political Legal Perspective on Potential Consequences of the Artemis Program on International Equitable Lunar Accessibility [#1841]
Evaluation of potential cumulative short- and long-term political legal issues with the Artemis Program on the future of global equitable lunar accessibility.
Paganelli F. Taylor P. A.* Hawkins B. Beasley A. J. Symmes A. et al.
Building the ngRADAR Science Advisory Council (SAC) and Technical Advisory Council (TAC) [#2687]
NRAO and GBO solicit membership for the next-generation planetary radar system (ngRADAR) Science Advisory Council (SAC) and Technical Advisory Council (TAC).