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Poster Session: Lunar Missions, Payloads, and Preparation 2

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Smith W. S.* Rodriguez E. R. Adams G. A.
Sample Acquisition In Icy World Environmental Simulator [#1210]
The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory is conducting research into excavating, collecting, and transporting icy samples for future missions to icy worlds.
Boazman S. J.* Heather D. Besse S. Bowles N. Frigeri A. et al.
Identifying Potential Landing Sites for ESA'S PROSPECT Instrument — NASA/CLPS [#2019]
To the Moon we go / Not too hot and not too dark / Where is best to land?
Weber L.* Easter P. Conroy M. Metke A. Britt D.
Developing a Large-Scale Lunar Regolith Test Bin with Gravity Offload Capabilities [#1217]
A large 100-cubic-meter lunar highlands regolith bin is being constructed to aid researchers in testing efforts on Earth.
Wagoner C. M.* Greenhagen B. T. Yasanayake C. N. Petersburg R. R. Donaldson-Hanna K. L.
Observing Thermal Emissions of Mineral Mixtures Across the Lunar Ternary with the Simulated Airless Body Emission Laboratory [#1524]
Using an environmental chamber to understand how TIR emissions of lunar-like minerals behave under a simulated lunar environment.
Huidobro J. Poblacion I. Alberquilla F. Madariaga J. M.* Coloma L. et al.
Weathering of Moon Soils, as Seen from the Feldspathic Breccia Northwest Africa (NWA) 11273 Meteorite, as the First Step for Plant Cultivation [#2386]
The oxidative weathering of NWA 11273 Luner Meteorite has been studied as a model to understand the oxidation of lunar soils prior to cultivation.
Sobhani B.* Andersen V. Marlow A. Claxton J.
Community Science on the Moon, the Great Lunar Expedition for Everyone [#2657]
The Great Lunar Expedition for Everyone (GLEE) is a community science mission to deploy LunaSats to perform distributed science on the lunar surface.
Heather D. J.* Sefton-Nash E. Trautner R. Fisackerly R. Barber S. et al.
The ESA PROSPECT Payload: Science Activities and Development Status [#2047]
PROSPECT will investigate the volatiles in the top 1 m of regolith at the lunar south pole. Science and development activities will be presented.
Dibb S. D.* Elphic R. C. Lawrence D. J. Peplowski P. N.
Estimates of Solar Modulation Potential to Support Lunar Exploration and Volatiles Prospecting with the Neutron Spectrometer System [#2416]
We discuss how understanding temporal variations in galactic cosmic ray flux is critical to understanding changes in measurable neutron flux from the Moon.
Colaprete A.* Elphic R. C. Shirley M. Ennico-Smith K. Lim D. S. S. et al.
Key Science Questions to be Addressed by the Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER) [#2910]
The VIPER mission is a lunar polar volatiles prospecting mission with launch in late 2024.
Hardgrove C.* Heffern L. Prettyman T. Starr R. Lazbin I. et al.
Lunar Polar Hydrogen Mapper (LunaH-Map) CubeSat Mission Launch, Early Operations and Lunar Flyby Neutron Data Collection [#2960]
Cubesat spacecraft flies / Searching the Moon’s cold abyss / Measuring neutrons.
Ishihara Y.* Ohtake M. LUPEX Project Team 
Lunar Polar Exploration (LUPEX) Project — Observation Strategy for Search, Detect and Quantifying the Lunar Polar Water [#1558]
Strategy and instruments to search, detect, and quantify lunar water for joint lunar polar exploration mission by JAXA and ISRO.
Ivarson J. T.* Hirabayashi M. Beyer R. A. Wong U. Christopher H. et al.
The Effect of VIPER Headlights on Lunar Surface and Subsurface Temperatures [#2508]
We model the thermal impact of VIPER’s NavLights on the lunar surface during mission operations and consider the effects of future mission lighting scenarios.
Ehlmann B. L.* Klima R. L. Blaney D. Bowles N. Dickson J. et al.
Lunar Trailblazer: A Pioneering Smallsat for Lunar Water and Lunar Geology [#1175]
The Lunar Trailblazer orbiter will map water on the Moon. We report instrument and spacecraft performance as-built and key science targets and measurements.
Blewett D. T.* Meyer H. M. Kinczyk M. J. Halekas J. Ho G. C. et al.
Selection and Characterization of the Landing Site for NASA CLPS PRISM1 Lunar Lander Mission CP-11 [#1780]
NASA CLPS delivery CP-11 will carry these payloads to Reiner Gamma: Lunar Vertex, CADRE, LUSEM, and MPAc. We describe the landing site and how it was selected.
Shin J.* Lee D. Jeong M. Moon B. Kim W. et al.
Development Model of Dust Mitigation System for Lunar Surface Mission [#1794]
Development model of dust mitigation system for GrainCams, which is a suite of two light field camera payload candidates on NASA-CLPS rover mission.
Tikoo S. M.* Jung J.
Assessing the Effects of Magnetic Contamination on Lunar Samples and Implications for Paleomagnetism [#1799]
We explore how magnetic contamination of lunar samples can affect paleointensity determinations and provide recommendations for future studies and curation.