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Poster Session: Joint EVA Test Team 3 (JETT3): Preparing for the Artemis III Campaign

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Caswell T. E.* Young K. E. Coan D. Graff T. G. Lindsey T. et al.
JETT3: A Holistic, Integrated Analog for Artemis Lunar Surface Exploration [#2700]
In Arizona / We traverse, explore, sample / For Artemis III.
Young K. E.* Garcia A. H. Achilles C. N. Bell E. R. Britton A. W. et al.
The Integration of Science into Artemis Surface Mission Planning: Lessons Learned from the JETT3 Artemis Mission Simulation [#2179]
We describe Artemis mission planning lessons learned, including science objectives and product generation and traverse planning with science objectives.
Bell E. R.* Young K. E. Garcia A. H. Achilles C. N. Britton A. W. et al.
Science Evaluation Room Architecture for the JETT3 Artemis EVA Simulations [#2460]
Description of the Science Evaluation Room structure, roles, responsibilities, communications, and room layout used for the NASA JETT3 Artemis analog EVA test.
Jacob S. R.* Achilles C. N. Bell E. R. Britton A. W. Cohen B. A. et al.
Lessons Learned in the Science Evaluation Room as Part of the Joint EVA Test Team Field Test 3 (JETT3) [#2670]
The JETT3 science team created science planning documents including a STM to make evidence-based interpretations from crew observation and sampling activities.
Nawotniak S. E. K.* Yingst R. A. Fagan A. L. Achilles C. N. Bell E. R. et al.
JETT3: Dynamic Science Prioritization in a High-Fidelity Lunar Analog Mission [#2490]
Lunar science goals / Dynamic priorities / Help make decisions.
Fagan A. L.* Nawotniak S. K. Yingst A. R. Achilles C. N. Bell E. R. et al.
Joint EVA Test Team 3 (JETT3) Science as Expected vs Performed Utilizing the Science Traceability Matrix (STM) [#2046]
Many of the JETT3 STM science objectives were well addressed, but some valuable data was not collected due to navigation challenges and cutting stations.
Hurtado J. M.* Achilles C. N. Bell E. R. Britton A. W. Cohen B. A. et al.
Science Imaging Lessons Learned from the JETT3 Artemis Mission Simulation [#2739]
We present lessons learned about cameras and image products from the perspective of the JETT3 Artemis EVA simulation Science Team.
Skinner J. A.* Garry W. B. Hurtado J. M. Richardson J. A. Edgar L. A. et al.
Geologic Mapping in Support of Simulated Artemis Lunar Surface Operations: Findings and Recommendations [#2387]
We describe how the JETT3 science team prepared and used geologic maps and offer insights into how products could be improved to support future landed missions.
Richardson J. A.* Miller M. J. Achilles C. N. Bell E. R. Britton A. W. et al.
Geospatial Information Strategies and Requirements for Enabling Real-Time Crewed Science on the Moon [#2493]
JETT3 (a simulated Artemis-style mission with an integrated science team) found that improvements to crew geolocation are needed to increase science return.
Edgar L. A.* Skinner J. A. Young K. E. Achilles C. N. Bell E. R. et al.
Field-Based Observations of Crew Actions During Simulated Artemis Lunar Exploration: Findings and Recommendations [#2429]
Findings and recommendations based on field observations of the crew during the JETT3 test, with relevance for future analog tests and Artemis operations.