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Poster Session: Operational Analogues and Technology Demonstration

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Valinia A.* Minow J.
Required Space Weather Reconnaissance in the Artemis Era [#1165]
This paper discusses space weather reconnaissance capabilities required for long-term human expeditions to the Moon, Mars, and beyond in the Artemis era.
Phipps P. H.* Stubbs T. J. Looper M. D. Spence H. E. Townsend L. W.
Radiation Dose Around the Lunar South Pole Near the Candidate Landing Sites for the Artemis III Mission [#2466]
The Moon’s harsh radiation environment poses a challenge to future science and exploration activities. We show radiation maps around Artemis III landing sites.
Hutchison A. L. Foing B.* Gil Natividad M. Wurtz-Pra S. Hayes C. et al.
Student Research in an Analog Lunar Habitat: EuroMoonMars and Analog Astronaut Training Center Poland EMMPOL 2023 Campaigns 14 and 15 Astronaut Training Center Poland EMMPOL 2023 Campaigns 14 & 15. [#2759]
EuroMoonMars and the Analog Astronaut Training Center present student research from the 2023 EMMPOL Campaigns 14-15 from their isolated analog lunar habitat.
Gil Natividad M.*
Planning and Integration of Instruments to Support IVA/EVA Activities for ExoSpaceHab [#2827]
The analog missions are a key activity to prepare the future missions to the surface of other celestial bodies.
Battler M. M.* Cross M. Raimalwala K. V. Burd H. Pitropov M. et al.
Lunar Surface Science And Exploration: A Highlight from the ESA-ESRIC Space Resources Challenge [#2672]
Overview of lunar mission operations approaches and technologies at the ESA-ESRIC Space Resources Challenge, Luxembourg, 2022.
DiVito E.* Tuck C. Peters G. H. McCulloch D.
Leveraging Suborbital Flight Testing to Advance Science and Technology for Planetary Exploration [#2815]
NASA’s Flight Opportunities program leverages suborbital and orbital flight tests to demonstrate space technologies ahead of larger, more expensive missions.
Morse Z. R.* Whelley P. Achilles C. Rogers A. D. Hurtado J. M. et al.
Operational Testing and Analysis of Field Portable Instrument Datasets During the 2022 RISE2 Analog Lunar EVAs [#2694]
In the hot desert / Useful data were assessed / Through test EVAs.
Meier M. L.* Patterson R. V. Pearson N. C. Clark R. N. Martin A. C. et al.
Terrestrial Analog Analysis: Mineralogical Evaluation Within the Visible and Near-Infrared [#2742]
TREX Theme 4 planetary analog field season, focusing on mineral identification using spectroscopy, and crew and rover procedures.
Steckel A. V.* Clark R. N. Pearson N. C. Buxner S. Prettyman T. H. et al.
Utilizing a Hyperspectral Camera for Field Surveys During the TREX Field Mission [#2720]
A hyperspectral imager was included in the TREX Yellow Cat field campaign to act as a drone scouting sites for the rover.
Kumari N.* Prettyman T. H. Lane M. Martin A. C. Patterson R. V. et al.
Procedure Standardization for Toolbox for Research and Exploration (TREX) Field Data Analysis [#1814]
This abstract describes approaches to procedure standardization for field that could be implemented in future TREX field exercises.
Noe Dobrea E. Z.* Ahrens C. Banks M. E. Bell E. Breitfeld A. et al.
Autonomous Rover Science in the Field: Yellow Cat [#2366]
We field-tested a rover capable of science autonomy and explored multiple exploration scenarios, including astronaut/rover collaborative exploration.
Fisher K. R.* Qian F. Jerolmack D. Rivera-Hernandez F. Wilson C. et al.
LASSIE: Legged Autonomous Surface Science In Analogue Environments [#1752]
LASSIE will use legged robotic locomotion to measure changes in surface regolith strength in-situ and use this data for semi-autonomous exploration strategies.
Scheidt S. P.* Morse Z. Bower D. M. Achilles C. Theiling B. P.
Illuminating the Invisible: A Planetary Exploration Strategy in a Lava Tube at Mauna Loa, Hawaii: Ultraviolet-Induced Fluorescence Imaging [#2786]
An ultraviolet-induced fluorescence imaging system was designed, built, and field-tested in a lava tube to map the interior minerals and biological signatures.
Morse Z. R.* Scheidt S. P. Theiling B. P. Achilles C.
Gonzales N. R.* Hardgrove C. J.
Demonstration of Portable Terrestrial Cosmic-Ray Neutron Sensors [#2981]
Using Earth hydrology methods we are developing a terrestrial analog for the search for water on other worlds!
Wang H.* Arroyo-Flores K. Espejo P. Zhu R.
Constructing Enhanced Digital Elevation Maps by Layering on the Spectral and Terramechanical Properties of Planetary Surface Analogues on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi [#2029]
This research aims to construct an enhanced digital elevation model of the planetary surface analogues by layering on the spectral and terramechanical properties.
Zanetti M. R.* Neish C. D. Miller K. Bremner P. Hayward E. et al.
Applications of Mobile LiDAR for Ultra-High Resolution and GPS-Denied Terrain Mapping in Planetary Analog Environments [#2775]
A comparison of various mobile LiDAR sensor platforms shows the accuracy of ultra-high resolution mapping (<10 cm/pixel DEMs) in GPS-denied environments.
Hoover S. L.* Broad K. E. Sadler B. O. James P. B. Robitallie B. A. et al.
A Gravity Gradient Method for Calculating Bulk Density in Topographically Complex Areas [#2857]
A new method is proposed to find absolute density of complex terrain using gravity gradients.