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Poster Session: Space Weathering

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Rosello Del Valle L.* Shackelford A. Slavicinska K. Bennett C. Donaldson Hanna K. L.
Space Weathering from Mercury to Pluto: A Novel Simulated Environment Chamber [#1254]
SWEEPS is an ultra-high vacuum environment chamber that is capable of simulating a wide variety of environments within the solar system.
Ozdowski N. M.* Marrs I. J. Salvatore M. R. Thomas C. A. Loeffler M. J.
Environmental Effects on Space Weathered Lizardite Grains [#2567]
We studied the effect of space weathering on lizardite by irradiating and soaking grains in distilled water to observe the change in the Mg:Si ratio.
Domingue D. L. Hsu I.* Lederer S. M. Whizin A. D. Landsman Z. et al.
Impact Experiments into Serpentine — Implications for Space Weathering on C-Type Asteroids [#2137]
Tiny small crashes / Dark asteroids weathering / Can we measure this?
Chaves L. C.* Thompson M. S. Dukes C. A. Loeffler M. J. Horgan B. et al.
Evaluating the Effects of Space Weathering on Asteroidal Accessory Phases: Magnetite and Pentlandite [#1804]
We simulated micrometeoroid bombardment and solar wind irradiation on magnetite and pentlandite using pulsed laser and ion irradiation, respectively.
Weber I.* Böttger U. Reitze M. P. Pavlov S. G.
Effects of Simulated Micrometeorite Bombardment of Rock-Forming Silicates in Raman Spectra [#1134]
We investigate the influence of micrometeorite bombardment on bodies without atmosphere as a trigger of SW on various silicates on Raman spectra.
Stojic A. N.* Moreau J.-G. Kohout T. Morlok A. Joeleht A. et al.
Impact into a Graphite-Bearing Regolith: A Dynamic Shock Recovery Study [#1917]
Dynamic shock experiments with graphite-bearing Mg-rich Ol and Px material suggest a higher silicate glass production efficiency in the presence of graphite.
Gillis-Davis J. J.* Wratchford L. E.
Characterization of Agglutinates Produced by Dual Laser Space Weathering [#1001]
Controlled experimental methods such as these are needed to investigate agglutinate formation under a multitude of conditions throughout the solar system.
MacLeod M. L.* Sharp T. G. Jordan A. P.
Diagnostic Features of Dielectric Breakdown in Natural Silicates [#1643]
The potential space weathering effects of dielectric breakdown are indicated by breakdown frequencies and damage densities that are functions of iron abundance.
Jahn J. - M.* Gomez R. Kollmann P. Halekas J. Blewett D. T. et al.
Magnetic Anomaly Particle Spectrometer (MAPS) for the Lunar Vertex Mission [#2675]
We discuss how the changes of charge particle access to the lunar surface inside Reiner Gamma will be studied by the Lunar Vertex MAPS investigation.
Arnaut M.* Wohlfarth K. Wöhler C.
Yet Another Scattering Framework: Simulation of Light Scattering Interaction Between Spherical Particles Using the T-Matrix [#2997]
We developed a light scattering framework written in Python, emphasizing efficiency, scalability, ease of use, and modularity.
Menet S. C.* Foing B. H.
Predicting Solar Activity with In Space Machine Learning Processing [#1049]
Space weathering could be more accurate with in space processing; why not replace the aging Sun observation satellites with a brand new artificial intelligence?