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Poster Session: Presolar Grains and Interplanetary Dust Particles

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

McCain K. A.* Hahn T. M. Armytage R. M. G. Buckley W. P. Snead C. J. et al.
An Improved HF Vapor Etching Apparatus for Stardust Particle Extraction [#2515]
A new HF acid etching setup was developed to extract fine-grained cometary material from Stardust track bulbs with reduced alteration of captured particles.
Nevill N. D.* Bland P. A. Saxey D. W. Rickard W. D. A. Quadir M. Z. et al.
Atom Probe Tomography and Three-Dimensional Atomic Scale Characterisation of Interplanetary Dust Particles: Inorganic and Organic, Hydrous and Anhydrous Assemblages [#1714]
A promising new analytical approach / Studying interplanetary dust particles / 3D spatially accurate reconstructions of the analysis volume at the atomic scale.
Duprat J.* Dartois E. Engrand C. Delauche L. Alemani O. et al.
Cometary Particle Recovered from a Deep Firn/Ice Drilling in Central Antarctica [#1960]
We identified an ultra-carbonaceous Antarctic micrometeorite (UCAMM) in a deep firn/ice drilling and investigate its implications on UCAMMs parent bodies.
Liu N.* Alexander C. M. O'D. Nittler L. R. Wang J.
Calibrating SIMS Relative Sensitivity Factor for Al/Mg in Presolar Silicon Carbide [#2579]
The EDX elemental and NanoSIMS Mg-Al isotope data for 22 X grains point to a lowered SIMS relative Mg/Al sensitivity factor than adopted in the literature.
Enomoto H.* Takigawa A.
Chemical Composition of Amorphous Silicate Dust Around Oxygen-Rich AGB Stars: Condensation Experiments Using the Induction Thermal Plasma System [#1416]
Condensation experiments in the Na-Mg-Al-Si-Ca(-Fe-Ni)-O system showed that circumstellar amorphous silicate should contain Al rather than pure Mg-Fe-silicate.
Kobayashi K. Yamamoto D.* Takigawa A. Tachibana S.
Kinetics of Crystallization of Amorphous Alumina and Phase Transition of Gamma-Alumina [#1128]
We found that the crystallization of amorphous alumina and the phase transition of gamma-alumina follow solid-gas O-isotope exchange reaction in the disks.
Roy A.* Surendra V. S. Meka J. K. Ramachandran R. Sahu D. et al.
Shock Induced Formation of Cosmic Mineral Dust Analog in Laboratory Using High Intensity Shock Tube for Astrochemistry [#2517]
Using laboratory experiments we showed that cosmic mineral dust like olivine and SiC be synthesized by shock processing in the ISM.