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Poster Session: Volcanism Across the Solar System

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Balme M. R.* Grindrod P. M. Jay A. E.
Linear Ridges in Arabia Terra, Mars: An Ancient Giant Radiating Dyke Swarm? [#2226]
The distribution and morphology of ~10,000 highly linear ridges in Arabia Terra, Mars, are presented. The ridges are interpreted to be a radiating dyke swarm.
Mohr K. M.* Williams D. A. Garry W. B.
Revised Geologic Mapping of Ascraeus Mons, Mars [#2601]
Ascraeus Mons shield, built and buried by lava, modified by time.
Peters S. I.*
A Survey of Volcanically Emplaced Rilles on Mars [#1713]
A global survey of volcanically emplaced rilles has been undertaken on Mars in order to understand and constrain its volcanic evolution.
Plescia J. B.*
Late Stage Lunar Lava Flows and Cinder Cones [#2741]
Low-volume wide-distribution volcanism indicates many sources survived late in time and is inconsistent with ideas of late high-volume/effusion rate volcanism.
Gansler K.* Montési L. Lekić V.
Gravity Signature of Valles Schröteri and the Possibility of Detecting Lava Tubes Associated with Sinuous Rilles [#1328]
Free air gravity anomalies near Valles Schröteri give possible indication of a large subsurface void along a portion of the sinuous rille.
Adeloye A. O.* Goldstein D. B. Trafton L. M. Varghese P. L. Mahieux A.
DSMC Modeling of Tvashtar Eruption: Matching Simulation Results of Two-Phase Flow with New Horizons LORRI and MVIC Observations [#2489]
We present an approach to analyze New Horizons images of Io’s Tvashtar eruption to explain unexpected increase in plume brightness during flyby period in 2007.
Vaci Z.* Gillis-Davis J. J. Ogliore R. C. Koefoed P.
Experimental Analog for High-Speed Particle Capture from Io Volcanic Plume [#1370]
Bulk chemical digestion and ICP-MS analysis of analog materials implanted at high energy onto novel substrates.
Nolan J. A.* Graettinger A. H.
Small-Volume Igneous Landforms and Edifices Statistics (SMILES): A Database of Dimensionless Parameters of Terrestrial Analogs for Remote Sensing Volcanic Landforms [#2927]
A catalog of dimensionless parameters that enable remote sensing of terrestrial and non-terrestrial volcanic landforms.
Munoz-Rojas B.* Flahaut J. Larrea P. Ford M. France L. et al.
Topographic Data, Petrography, and Sample Geochemistry as Proxies to Constrain Lava Flow Rheology: "The Case of the Altiplano-Puna Volcanic Complex Mars Analogue Site" [#1515]
Remote sensing, petrography, and petrology analyses of single terrestrial lava flows from the Altiplano-Puna volcanic complex, northern Chile.
Sehlke A.* Whittington A. G.
New Model to Calculate Lava Viscosity During Disequilibrium Crystallization for a Wide Range in Cooling and Strain Rates [#2677]
Developed a new model to calculate the viscosity of crystallizing lava as a function of cooling rate. Further work to include strain-rate dependence underway.
Wang J. Schmerr N. Bell E.* McCall N. Wike L. et al.
Near-Surface Results of Active Seismic Transects of the Rim and Crater of the Kilbourne Hole, NM Maar Volcanic Crater [#2926]
Active seismic refraction and reflection study to examine the rim and crater structure of the Kilbourne Hole maar volcano as an analog to martian maar craters.
Hottendorf K. H.* Sakimoto S. E. H. Paredes M. S. Gregg T. K. P.
Rock Corral Butte, Eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho: A Low Shield Volcano Emplaced by Pressurized, Insulated Flow [#2644]
Encrusted flow lobes / Advances, then stops, then goes / Ruptures at their toes.
Wróblewski F. B.* Rader E. L.
Detecting Glass on the Krafla Lava Flow Field, Iceland [#1802]
Dark basalts are flat. / You know what’s even flatter? / The spectra of glass.
Burton Z. F. M.* Rader E. L.
Chemical Variability Between Lava Vents and Lava Surfaces — Margins: Black Crater and Ross Flow, Lava Beds National Monument, California, USA [#1211]
We analyze Californian basalt flows / Intraflow chemical variability, XRF shows / Notable for volcanic bodies among the stars / Like Mercury, the Moon, and Mars.
Klemme S.* Renggli C. J.
Experimental Constraints on Stable Isotope Fractionation Due to Evaporation from Silicate Melts [#1537]
Experimental results on elemental and isotope fractionation of moderately volatile elements.
Vannier H.* Horgan B.
VNIR Spectral Properties of Felsic Rocks: Implications for Mars Detections [#2831]
We interpret VNIR spectra of felsic rocks, and detect plagioclase at lower wt% than previously recognized. We discuss in the context of Mars plag detections.
Barthez M.* Flahaut J. Guitreau M. Ito G. Pik R.
Petrological, Geochemical and Spectral Laboratory Studies of Terrestrial Feldspathic Rocks: Understanding Plagioclase Signatures in the VNIR Domain as an Analog to Mars [#1511]
Elaboration of a database containing VNIR reflectance spectra acquired on characterized macroscopic samples of various terrestrial feldspar-bearing rocks.
Varatharajan I.* Sklute E. Glotch T. D. Dyar M. D.
A Genetic Algorithm Approach for Obtaining Wavelength Dependent Mid-Infrared Optical Constants (5-25 µm) of Silicate Glasses [#1665]
The study presents genetic algorithm approach for numerical modeling of wavelength dependent MIR optical constants of silicate glasses of varying SiO2 content.
Zhang P. F. Jin Z. L.* Wiedenbeck M. Glynn S. Couffignal F.
The Formation of Early Andesitic Magmas Triggered by Hybrid Accretion [#2116]
Our mineralogy and isotopic studies on the minerals in the meteorite EC002 revealed a distinct evolutional history of its parent body.
Huang D.* Murakami M. Brodholt J. McCammon C. Petitgirard S.
Pressure-Induced Smooth Structural Evolution in a Terrestrial Magma Ocean [#2248]
In less polymerized silicate melt, pressure-induced structural transition is more protracted than previously proposed.