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Poster Session: Martian Geophysics and Tectonics

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Bates A.* Lorenzo J. M. Karunatillake S.
Hertzian Contact Theory for a Martian Context [#2617]
This work assesses the ability of terrestrial contact theory to predict velocities in the shallow martian regolith.
Roth N. R.*
Using Electroseismology to Find Subsurface Water in Our Solar System: An Initial Numerical Study [#2613]
Simulations of coupled electro-seismic wavefields show their viability in the detection of deep subsurface water on Mars or in the crusts of icy moons.
Mansbach E. N.* Kizovski T. V. Mandon L. Scheller E. L. Bosak T. et al.
Identification of Magnetic Phases by Perseverance and Implications for Paleomagnetic Analysis of Returned Samples [#2072]
We provide new identifications and synthesize previous reports of magnetic phases from Perseverance, and discuss implications for studying the martian dynamo.
Huang D.* Li Y. Khan A. Sossi P. Giardini D. et al.
Thermoelastic Properties of Liquid Fe-Rich Alloys Under Planetary Core Conditions [#2158]
Ab initio molecular dynamics calculations on elasticity of liquid Fe-rich alloys at P-T conditions relevant to planetary cores.
Singh P.* Singh D. Roy N. Mukherjee S.
Identification of Surface Morphology Based Tectonic Deformations: Evidence of Recent Sesimic Activity Within the Crustal Dichotomy of Mars [#1985]
Recent seismicity of Mars can be estimated by identification of lobate scarps on the martian surface. This study presents the same for the transition region.
Woodley S. Z.* Fawdon P. Balme M. R. Rothery D. A.
Mapping and Dip Measurements of Tectonic Shortening Structures in Western Arabia Terra, Mars [#1358]
The thrust faults on Mars / Behold how shallow they dip / So did Mars shrink more?
Ruj T.* Kameyama M. Kurosawa K. Kawai K. Usui T. et al.
Is the Hellas Impact Responsible for Extensional Structures and Volcanism in and Around the Southern Highlands of Mars? [#2117]
We considered the effect of the Hellas impact and its relation to the extensional structures and volcanism in the southern highlands.
Chadwick J.* McGovern P. Grosfils E. Levine N. Harper A.
Measuring Late Amazonian Flexural Deformation of Daedalia Planum with Paleo-Slope Indicators [#2905]
Many lava flows mapped near Arsia Mons are misaligned from modern slopes. Geophysical modeling constrains the subsidence and responsible magmatic load volume.
McGovern P. J.*
No Surprise for Perseverance: An Igneous Environment in Jezero Crater, Mars, Is an Expected Outcome of Isidis Basin Loading [#2821]
It’s all igneous! / Surprise for Perseverance? / Not for me. Stress tells.
Wagner N. L.* James P. B. Ermakov A. E. Sori M. M.
New Estimates of Seasonal Surface Displacements and Time Variable Gravity on Mars [#1085]
Here we provide new estimates of interannual lithospheric loading from height variations of the seasonal polar caps on Mars.
Grima C.* Kofman W. Hérique A. Beck P.
Frequency Dispersion of the Martian Surface Reflectivity by MARSIS [#1120]
We are investigating the frequency dispersion of the radar surface return from MARSIS. We provide preliminary observations at planetary scale.
Giannakis I. G.* Giannopoulos A. G. Warren C. W.
An Advanced Reflectivity-Based Permittivity Estimation for Planetary Radar [#2454]
A novel method to estimate the electric permittivity using planetary radar. This technique can be applied to data from RIMFAX and Yutu rovers.