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Poster Session: Martian Impact Craters

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Boyce J. M.* Mouginis-Mark P. J.
Why are the Ramparts of Martian Impact Crater So High Relief? [#1008]
We propose that martian ejecta ramparts are high relief compared with their landslide counterparts because of the high velocity of the ejecta flows.
Gao A. L.* Daubar I. J. Bart G. D. Etgen A. D.
Characterizing Wind Streaks from Fresh Impacts on Mars [#1402]
Wind streaks, linear streaks originating from some fresh impact craters on Mars, can provide insight into local wind conditions and topography.
Rajsic A.* Lagain A. Anderson S. Golombek M. Warner N. et al.
Rocky Ejecta Craters as a Proxy for the Evolution of Regolith on Mars [#1843]
We use rocky ejecta craters to estimate regolith thickness in different geological units on Mars to estimate temporal evolution of regolith.
Peng Z.* Rao M. N. Nyquist L. E.
Geochemical and Mineralogical Characteristics of Zagami Impact Melts [#1583]
This study is focus on a Zagami thin section. A combination of analytical techniques to investigate impact on geochemical and mineral constituents of Zagami.
Piatek J. L.* Tornabene L. L.
Modification of Martian Crater Ejecta Facies Observed in Thermophysical Datasets [#2760]
Mars, dusty, windy / Deposits, erodes craters / IR reveals.
Lagain A.* Bouley S. Zanda B. Miljković K. Rajšić A. et al.
The Ejection Site of Northwest Africa (NWA) 7034 and Paired Stones Revealed by 90 Million Impact Craters [#1336]
Automatic identification of more than 90 million impact craters allows pinpointing the ejection site of NWA7034.
Kamal Z. K.* Ojha L. O.
Constraining Impact-Induced Demagnetization in Martian Crust with MAVEN Spherical Harmonics and Curie Depths [#3031]
We take a closer look at demagnetization signatures in MAVEN data around impact-craters on Mars to better understand the timing of the dynamo’s demise.
Robbins S. J.*
Megameter-Scale Crater Mismatch on Moon and Mars: Where Have Mars' Giant Craters Gone, if They Ever Existed? [#2712]
From the Moon to Mars / A massive crater problem / How do we solve it?
Branco H. C.* Miljkovic K. Plesa A. C.
Scaling Relationships for Impact Basins on Mars [#1348]
We derived preliminary impact scaling relationships for Mars’ basins based on numerical simulations for a range of impact conditions.
Sansom E. K. Neidhart T. Miljković K.* Collins G. S. Eschenfelder J. et al.
Diversity of New Martian Crater Clusters Informs Meteoroid Atmospheric Interactions [#2193]
A large diversity in crater cluster properties from 634 impact sites on Mars (including 557 newly mapped), inform atmospheric filtering effects.
Dohm J. M.* Fink W. Williams J.-P. Mahaney W. C. Ferris J. C. et al.
Chicxulub-and Gale-Like Nicholson Impact [#2163]
Gale and Nicholson impacts on Mars are interpreted to have impacted into half ocean and half land, similar to Chicxulub on Earth.