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Poster Session: From the Field to the Lab: Studies of the Terrestrial Impact Record

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Osinski G. R.* Grieve R. A. F. Cavosie A. J. Ferrière L. Losiak A.
Impact Earth — A 2023 Update on the Terrestrial Impact Record [#2171]
We provide here an update of the Impact Earth Database detailing all confirmed hypervelocity impact craters, impact craters, and impact deposits on Earth.
Stewart S. T.* Daly R. T. Cline C. J. Stickle A. M. Jaret S. J. et al.
The Planetary Impacts Community Wiki Project [#1844]
Impacts Wiki for / The crater community / Share, chat, and discuss.
James S.* Chandran S. R. Aswathi J. Sajinkumar K. S.
The Role of Terrestrial Impact Craters in Formation, Identification and Preservation of Energy Resources [#2841]
A work on the capabilities of impact craters to form mineral resources.
Schmidt G.*
Review of Literature Data from the Ries Impact Crater: Evidence of a Pallasitic Projectile [#1077]
Subchondritic Ru/Ir, Ir/Rh, and Ru/Rh ratios from Enkingen-Suevite (Ries, Germany) indicate a pallasite as impactor.
Chandran S. R.* James S. Aswathi J. Sajinkumar K. S.
Insights into Geochemical and Sulphur Isotope Characterisation of Pyrite Grains from an Impact Melt-Bearing Rock from Lonar Crater, India [#2628]
Geochemical and sulphur isotope characterisation of pyrite grains obtained from an impact melt-bearing rock from the Lonar impact crater, India.
Procházka V.*
Melt Behavior in Two Impacts Craters at Emmerting, Germany: Deformation, Expansion, Injections, and the Role of Underpressure and Mutual Collisions of Pebbles [#2102]
Several unusual features of melting and melt behavior in two craters at Emmerting are presented. Mutual collision of individual pebbles are an important factor.
Chinchalkar N. S.* Osinski G. R.
Vertical Transect Through an Impact Melt Pond at Discovery Hill, Mistastin (Kamestastin) Lake Impact Structure, Canada [#2662]
This work investigates vertical variation in impact melt pond at Discovery Hill, Mistastin Lake impact structure, Canada.
Dellefant F.* Trepmann C. A. Schmahl W. W. Gilder S. A. Sleptsova I. V. et al.
Ilmenite Phase Transformations in Suevites from the Nördlinger Ries Impact Structure (Germany) Record Pressure, Temperature, and Oxygen Fugacity Evolution [#1481]
Shocked ilmenite can display various microfabrics developed as a function of the pressure, temperature, and oxygen fugacity history.
Procházka V.* Mizera J. Suchara I. Sucharová J. Hraníček J.
Below-Ground Biomass, Litter, Humus, Aquatic Plants and Organic Sediments: An Explanation for Cesium Enrichment in Moldavites [#1973]
On the example of Cs we show that inclusion of underground biomass and “dead” organic matter helps to better explain the chemical composition of moldavites.
Kring D. A.* Bamber E. Balance A. Bretzfelder J. Faucher J. et al.
Cascading Boulder and Boulder Track Experiment at Barringer Meteorite Crater (aka Meteor Crater), Arizona [#2186]
A massive boulder on the rim of Barringer Meteorite Crater was dislodged and the consequences of its fall down the crater wall analyzed.
Xie Z.* Zuo S. King D. Yu Y. Zhou Q. et al.
Airburst Event in Taihu Lake Area of China ~7000 Years Ago: evidence from Iron-Rich Concretions in a Distinctive Silty Layer [#1945]
We proposed one airburst event happened ~ 7000 years ago in Taihu Lake area, based on iron-rich concretions in silty layer as fallout of airburst impact plume.
Ormö J.* Sturkell E. King D. T.
Resurge Deposits at the Decorah Impact Crater, Iowa, Support a Shallow-Marine Target [#1195]
Granulometry, frequency, and lithology of clasts in crater infill show an aquatic mode of deposition as well as can be used to determine the paleo water depth.
Evans K. E. Jaret S. J.* Rovey C. W.
Shocked Quartz from the Weaubleau Impact Structure, Missouri, USA [#1763]
New impact crater / Meet Weaubleau, Missouri / Well, not really “new.”
Brenker F. E.* Junge A.
Impact Origin of the “Domaine du Meteore”-Crater, France. Compelling Mineralogical and Geophysical Evidence for an Unrecognized Destructive Event in the Heart of Europe [#1910]
We present compelling mineralogical and geophysical evidence for an impact origin of the 200-m-wide crater structure “Domaine du Meteore” in Southern France.
Bill C. A.* Fernando B. A. Collins G. S. Koelemeijer P.
Impact-Generated Seismic Waves: Did the T. Rex Quake in Fear? [#2013]
Bang! At Chicxulub / How does it make the ground shake? / Some simulations.
Lee J. S.* James P. B. Giovanini E.
The Statistical Improbability of Craters of High Ellipticity on Earth [#2332]
This abstract will investigate the likelihood of intact asteroids impacting at angles sufficiently small so as to generate the Río Cuarto structures.
Xie Z.* Wang Y. Deng Y.
Tanxi Meteorite Fall on December 15th of 2022 in Southeastern of China: Three Small Craters Impacted by Three Meteorite Fragments [#2972]
Three meteorite fragments impacted three small craters on December 15, 2022, in Tanxi, a town in Pujiang city in the Zhejiang province, southeastern China.
Cincio P. J.* Osinski G. R.
Crater Breaching and Paleolake Evolution at the Haughton Impact Structure, Canadian High Arctic [#2395]
We explore paleolake deposits from the Haughton impact structure to understand the role of crater breaching on landscape and lake evolution on Earth and Mars.
Perkins R. P.* Trainer M. G. Neish C. D. Osinski G. R.
Characterization of Impact Melt at the Haughton Impact Structure: Applications for the Dragonfly Mission to Titan [#2575]
Haughton impact melt / Can give us insights into / Titan impact melt.