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Poster Session: Advanced Sample Curation

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Filiberto J.* Burton A. Hahn T. M. Keller L. P. Rampe E. et al.
The NASA Facility for Astromaterials Research at the Johnson Space Center — National Laboratory for Planetary Research [#1745]
We have established the NASA Facility for Astromaterials Research to expand access to and enhance the laboratories at NASA JSC.
Harrington A. D.* Hutzler A. Mattingly R. L. Calaway M. J. Smith A. L. et al.
Mars Sample Return (MSR) Sample Receiving Facility (SRF) Planning Strategies [#2698]
Mars sample return / Pristine biocontainment / Capabilities.
Carrier B. L.* Sessions A. L. Magnabosco C. Thiessen F. Hays L. E.
Mars Sample Return Sample Receiving Facility Contamination Panel [#2326]
The SCP Phase 1 shall propose contamination limits for the samples from Mars. This presentation will include preliminary findings and requests for feedback.
Osterhout J. T.* Farley K. A. Wadhwa M. Treffkorn J. Kulczycki E.
New Leak Rate Measurements of Flight-Like Mars 2020 Sample Tubes: Insights for Potential Mars Sample Return [#2506]
This study investigated the helium leak rates of six flight-like Mars 2020 sample tubes to assess the potential leakage of gases during Mars sample return.
Randazzo N.* Simon J. I. Tuite M. Flannery D. Herd C. D. K. et al.
Preparing for Analysis of Returned Mars Samples Through Collaborative Analysis of High Fidelity Analogs [#1895]
In preparation for Mars sample return, we discuss the creation of a collaborative handling and analysis protocol using martian analog samples.
Thiessen F. K. Russell S. S.* Dauphas N. Barnes J. J. Bonal L. et al.
Options for Post-Landing Extraction of Solid-Core Samples from the NASA-ESA Mars Sample Return Mission [#2296]
The newly-formed NASA-ESA MSR Rock Team found that a flexible approach will be required to opening the sample tubes returned from Mars.
Welzenbach L. C.* Nicoara S. Kershaw M. Grady M. M. Greenwood R. C. et al.
Extraction Efficiency of Organics from Mars Regolith Analogue Samples [#2936]
XCT Mars samples / Will it change Mars organics? / Extraction is key.
Siebach K. L.* Moreland E. L. Costin G. Jiang Y.
MIST: An Online Tool Automating Mineral Identification by SToichiometry in Geochemical Datasets [#2253]
We present MIST as an online tool for rapid identification of rock-forming minerals and mineral crystal chemistry in any high-resolution chemical dataset.
Helbert J.* Bonato E. Schwinger S. Hecht L. Greshake A.
The Sample Analysis Laboratory at DLR and Its Planned Extension to a Curation Facility for the JAXA MMX Mission [#1989]
At DLR in Berlin, we are setting up the Sample Analyses Laboratory mainly dedicated to the analyses of extraterrestrial materials from sample return missions.
Polit A. T.* Lunning N. G. Righter K. Moreau M. C. Connolly H. C. et al.
Sample Return and Preliminary Examination Timeline for the OSIRIS-REx Mission [#2611]
In 2023 a sample of asteroid Bennu will land in the Utah desert, be characterized at the OSIRIS-REx curation facility, and allocated for scientific analyses.
Morisset C.-E.* Hill P. Haltigin T. Grenier R. Routhier S.
Overview of the Curation Facility for the Canadian Portion of Bennu Sample from the OSIRIS-REx Mission [#1726]
CSA is planning its Curation Facility for the Canadian portion of Bennu sample (OSIRIS-REx mission). It will be the first laboratory of its kind in Canada.
Tachibana S.* Sakamoto K. Masuda M. Inada S. Tsuruoka Y. et al.
Sub-Millimeter-Sized Ryugu Particles Found Outside the Hayabusa2 Sample Container [#1087]
About 200 sub-mm-sized Ryugu grains were found outside the Hayabusa2 sample container, which may have been expelled in space before the container closed.
Changela H. G.* Kebukawa Y. Petera L. Ferus M. Chatzitheodoridis E. et al.
The Evolution of Organic Material from Asteroid 162173 Ryugu [#2848]
We report the characterization of OM in situ in grain A0083 from the Hayabusa-2 mission.
Shulaker D. Z.* Ferrucci M. Rogers B. M. Savina M. R. Isselhardt B. H.
Development of Nondestructive Imaging Techniques to Identify and Locate Presolar Grains in Meteorite Sample Jbilet with Application to Sample-Return Missions [#2306]
Ongoing development of nondestructive X-ray CT to identify and locate presolar grains in a meteorite fragment with application to sample-return missions.
Wilson B. J. K.* Di Cecco V. E. Garvie L. A. J. Tait K. T. Daly M. G.
A Polishing Technique for Tarda and Future Similarly Difficult Samples [#2756]
Tarda rapidly slakes when exposed to most polishing liquids. We provide a recipe to prepare Tarda and similarly difficult samples for future analyses.
Regula A.* Stephan T. Korsmeyer J. M. Davis A. M. Dauphas N.
Expanding the Capabilities of CHILI with Femtosecond Laser Ablation [#2988]
A new femtosecond ablation laser was installed on CHILI, the Chicago Instrument for Laser Ionization, expanding the range of sample materials accessible to it.
O'Neal E. W.* Eckley S. A. Zeiglar R. A.
Applicability of Micro X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy to Astromaterials Curation and Research [#2771]
The X-ray fluorescence and computed tomography lab (X-FaCT) lab at JSC is now equipped with a Bruker M4 Tornado Plus uXRF to be used for astromaterial research.
Amick C. L.* Ghosh S. Lewis E. K. Allums-Spencer K. K. Harris C. L. et al.
GC/MS Method Development for Separating Lunar Volatile Ice Simulant Headspace Gases [#2676]
This abstract outlines the separation, identification, and quantification of headspace gases over lunar surface volatile ice feedstock material using GC/MS.
Mazhari F. M.* LaMontagne M. G. L. Regberg A. B. R. Castro C. L. C. Davis R. E. D.
Resolution of MALDI-TOF Compared to Whole Genome Sequencing for Identification of Bacillus Species Isolated from Cleanrooms at NASA Johnson Space Center [#2494]
To find more effective microbial monitoring techniques, we compared MALDI-TOF with whole genome sequencing, the gold standard for microbial identification.
Regberg A. B.* Cohen C. P. Davis R. E. Kmiecik C. G. Mazhari F.
Insights From Routine Microbiological Monitoring of Air in Astromaterials Curation Cleanrooms [#2287]
Microbe collection onto electret filters is good surveillance.