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Poster Session: The InSight Mission's Legacy

Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 6:30 PM
Town Center Exhibit Hall

Bill C. A.* Fernando B. A. Schmerr N. Banerdt W. B.
There is No Planet B: An Initial Assessment Framework to Calculate the Environmental Impact of the InSight Mars Mission [#1742]
InSight and impacts / But not like you’ve seen before / Be accountable.
Fernando B. A.* Dauber I. J. Grindrod P. Stott A. Al Ateqi A. et al.
Searching for Transients or a Fresh Crater at the Origin of InSight's Largest Marsquake [#2642]
Be there a crater? / Veritably though, we search / And yet still we look.
Le Maistre S.* Rivoldini A. Caldiero A. Yseboodt M. Baland R. M. et al.
Detection of the Liquid Core Signature in Mars Nutations from InSight-RISE Data: Implications for Mars Interior Structure [#1611]
RISE data provide first detection of the Free-Core-Nutation of Mars, confirm the core is liquid, and constrain its radius, density, and shape.
Onodera K.* Maeda T. Nishida K. Kawamura T. Menina S. et al.
Seismic Scattering and Attenuation Properties of Mars Estimated Through Coda Analysis of S1222a Marsquake [#1343]
We show the initial estimation of the scattering and attenuation properties of Mars at a low-frequency range (<0.1 Hz).
Onodera K.* Nishida K. Kawamura T. Murdoch N. Otsuka R. et al.
Characterization of Martian Convective Vortices Using InSight's Seismic and Meteorological Data [#1345]
We made a systematic catalog describing the martian convective vortices observed in InSight’s seismic and meteorological data.
Li J. Beghein C.* McLennan S. M. Horleston A. C. Charalambous C. et al.
Constraints on the Martian Crust Away from the InSight Landing Site [#2292]
Marsquake far away / Waves bounce off crustal layer / At the path midpoint.
Nagihara S.* Ngo P. Garcia M. A. Grott M.
Comparison Among the In-Situ Thermal Properties Measurements on InSight and Phoenix and Laboratory Measurements on Mars Regolith Simulant [#1258]
The in-situ thermal properties of martian regolith obtained on InSight and Phoenix are compared with laboratory measurements on regolith simulant.
Warner N. H.* Laubenstein A. Smearing M. Cox D. Golombek M. et al.
Remnants of Clastic/Volcanoclastic Deposits in Western Elysium Planitia, Mars: Implications for the Stratigraphy Beneath the InSight Lander [#1556]
Seismic data from the InSight mission have identified a possible clastic layer beneath the lander. Geological mapping reveals outcrops of candidate deposits.
Pike W. T.* Charalambous C. Calcutt S. B. Standley I. M. Stott A. E. et al.
The Performance of Insight’s Short-Period Seismometer on Mars [#2828]
We summarise the performance of the short-period seismometers during NASA’s InSight mission, from cruise to seismic detection on Mars.
Stähler S. C.* Banerdt W. B. Ceylan S. Charalambous C. Clinton J. et al.
Hindsight from InSight: What Science Could have been done with a Simpler Mission? [#1491]
We investigated which of the InSight scientific results could have been obtained with a significantly reduced effort, e.g., a SP seismometer on deck.